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How to Properly Prepare Your Home For a Roof Replacement

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How bad can hail damage get?

Pretty bad, considering the largest piece of hail in history weighed over 2 lb! Can you imagine the divots a rock like that would cause in your roof?

Left unfixed, roof dents can pave the way to rot and mold, that’s why roof repairs and replacements can’t be put off.

If you’re getting ready to go through the roofing process, then this article is for you. Our short guide will help you prepare your family and property before the roofers come.

What’s the best way to stay safe during a roof replacement? Read on to find out!

Have a Family Meeting

First, before a roofing replacement O’fallon MO, it’s a good idea to get everybody on board by having a family meeting. If you have young children, explain to them that there’s going to be people coming to work on the house. Let them know that they can expect to hear loud noises, and they may even see debris falling off the roof.

Next, go over the safety measures that you want your family to follow. For instance, should people stay inside while the roofers are present? Will there be a period where you need everyone to be away from the home altogether? You can always reach out to the professionals at sites like www.roofingbylandmark.com, to get their opinion.

Ask if you should plan on being away from the home during the reroofing process, and request a production timeline. Lastly, take into consideration your free family members. If you have pets or animals, and they tend to be nervous, you may want to have them stay with a friend during the roofing process.

Preparing the House Inside and Out

After your family meeting, you can start to prep your house. Start by removing any wall decorations that you have up. The vibrations of the roofers could cause wall decorations to fall.

Next, you can start to prepare your outside areas by getting patio furniture out of the way. Lastly, take a trip up to your attic to see if there are any belongings you should cover. If you don’t cover up your belongings, they could wind up with a layer of dust and debris.

Where to Put Your Car

Finally, you want to make sure your vehicles are in a safe location. The night before the roof replacement, we suggest parking your cars off the property. If possible, park down the street in a location where you can still see your cars.

By keeping your vehicles insight, you can minimize the risk of theft. However, by having your vehicles on the street, you’ll be able to avoid any property damage from falling roof debris.

Be Ready For Your Roof Replacement

There you have it! The best tips to help prepare you for a roof replacement. Since safety is of the utmost importance, take a few moments today to think of three safety tips you can share with your family members.

For instance, you can remind them to watch out for roof debris in the yard. You can also remind your loved ones to stay clear of the roofers while they’re throwing things off the roof. For more tips like the ones in this guide, explore the rest of our site.

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