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The 5 Most Important Considerations for Every Floor Renovation Project

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An average home renovation timeline is 2 to 6 months, depending upon the level of work needed.

When was the last time a simple drywall or paint project turned into weeks of disarray in your home?

This happens for many homeowners as they mistake the work and hiccups that occur along the way. The last thing you want is to add more to your project list, but don’t forget how a carpet flooring can be the final install to a comfortable home. We’re here to help make this a painless process.

Continue reading for our five considerations to make when looking to complete your home reno with new floors.

1. Location & High Traffic Considerations

The best way to start thinking about a floor renovation is to understand what rooms are in need.

Are you looking to redo bathrooms or kitchens? What about a child’s bedroom or den? Each of these spaces may call for a slightly different material. For example, a bathroom needs a material that withstands moisture, such as tile. Yet tile in a child’s bedroom may be a disaster waiting to happen.

Another consideration is the level of traffic. A plush carpet installed in a hallway may look beautiful but will show wear.

2. Product Pricing in Floor Renovation

Many different flooring options could work in your space. This includes tile, stone, wood, and laminate flooring

Selecting which product is best comes down to the price tag and durability needed. Stone floors tend to be the most expensive, whereas tile or laminate is on the less pricey side, $100 and $55 per square meter, respectively.

On average, wood lies in the middle range around $140 per square meter. But wood also comes at higher installation costs and more consistent maintenance, increasing the cost.

3. Estimated Timeline of Work

A floor renovation is an undertaking when it comes to home improvement because the flooring is expansive. You should think of timelines when considering installing a new floor.

Here are a few questions to help you build a timeframe:

  • How many rooms are undergoing a floor renovation?
  • What is the level of importance or priority order of the rooms?
  • Are you working with a floor installation company, and what is their availability?

The speed at which you need the floor renovation completed plays a part in selecting which floor type in what rooms

4. Personal Style and a New Floor

Your home has a particular design that’s unique to you and your family. The floors should meld into that design as opposed to sticking out like an afterthought.

Think of the floor like the skin of your home. It is the most visible and connective design element your home has and should be treated as such!

Do you have a more rustic cabin vibe? Do you prefer the sleek and modern style? The personality a wood floor versus a tile floor brings to the space speaks to the aesthetic you aim to create in the home.

Don’t be afraid to get funky with tile placements, grout colors, or wood grains, as each element further adds to the story of your space.  

5. Do It Yourself Floor Installation 

For any interior designer or DIY extraordinaire, you may have the tools and skills needed to go through a floor renovation yourself. All of the above considerations become even more important to ease the level of work and stress involved.

However, many of you may not be familiar with home renovations apart from working with contractors. In this case, the recommendation is to work with the flooring professionals.

Installation can be time-consuming and not always user-friendly. Even a floating floor situation that doesn’t need glue or nails can be tricky to piece together.

If you are giving the DIY a try, go for an engineered or laminate floor instead of timber.

Install a New Floor Today

Home renovations create a world of stress and mess for homeowners, but a floor renovation should be a breeze with these five tips. But most importantly, make sure the floors fit your needs and preferences to craft a cozy home.

Discussing other home reno projects with your significant other? Take a look at our blog posts for ideas on what will increase your home’s value and comfort.

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