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How Much Does It Cost to Install a Driveway for Your Home?

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Are you ready to give your home a new look? 

Install a driveway! If you’re tired of off-roading every time you get home, why not pull onto a smooth driveway instead?

Concrete driveways are durable and require less maintenance than asphalt. Not only will you enjoy your driveway now and in the years to come, but this investment may also increase your property’s value later. 

Curious about the costs associated with concrete driveways? Here, we’ve outlined the factors to consider. 

Driveway Factors

Before you invest in installing a home driveway, you’ll need to do some research. Each of these factors can impact the overall cost of your driveway. 

How Much Ground to Cover

The first thing you need to think about when installing a driveway is how much of your yard you want to cover. Use flags or tape as a rough estimate for where you want the driveway to go.

concrete contractor will charge you by the square footage. To get this number for estimates, multiply the length by the width of your desired driveway.

For curved driveways, you’ll multiply the outer curve by the inner curve and divide that number by two. Then, multiply that number by the width. 


The next thing you’ll want to think about is the terrain you want to install your driveway on. Think about the slope of your yard and the amount of drainage that will flow over the driveway. You’ll also want to consider how bumpy or hilly your yard is. 

Thickness of the Drive

To budget for materials, you’ll need to think about how thick you want your driveway to be. The average thickness of concrete is four inches, but, if you have heavier duty vehicles, you may need to up your driveway to five inches. 

Driveway Costs

From materials to labor, driveway installations have several pricetags. These are the items you’re paying for. 


Before installation, the site must be cleared out and graded. This ensures that your driveway is even and safe to drive on. You may need to reach out to a landscape or excavator to prepare your site for you. 

The next cost is for a base for the concrete. This can include crushed stone or aggregate and require six to eight inches of each per three inches of concrete installed. 

And, of course, you’ll pay for the concrete! Depending on the type, expect to pay between five and ten dollars per square foot for standard, basic concrete. For more elaborate designs or custom ideas, expect costs upward of fifteen dollars per square foot. 

The average cost for driveway installation in the United States is around $3,000 total. 


You’ll also pay for the labor that goes into your driveway installation. This includes hourly wages for each worker and any additional work they must do. This can cover tree removal, old driveway removal, or clearing debris. 

Ready to Install a Driveway?

Are you ready to install a driveway to your home today? 

Explore our Landscaping page to learn more about beautifying your home and garden!

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