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Six Things to Consider About the Maintenance of Commercial Bathrooms

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9 out of 10 people in the UK won’t return to a restaurant with dirty bathrooms.

Many business owners don’t invest in commercial bathrooms maintenance. These entrepreneurs argue they’re not in the restaurant industry, so having clean bathrooms doesn’t matter. Yet, it does as it affects customers’ image of your business.

So, how can you maintain commercial bathrooms without breaking the bank?

To help you out, here are six things to consider about the maintenance of commercial bathrooms.

1. Your Budget

Although customers have been complaining about the poor condition of your commercial bathrooms, you don’t know what to do. You don’t have any funds at the moment to renovate the bathrooms. And it has been a hectic task paying professionals to clean these bathrooms.

To overcome this struggle, you must allocate funds for commercial bathroom maintenance. That’s why you should take time to forecast the bathroom maintenance needs. Besides in your budget, allocate money to pay experts to clean your business’s bathroom.

Finally, avoid the temptation to go beyond the allocated bathroom maintenance budget.

2. Fixtures and Accessories

As a business owner, you feel that it’s a waste of money to invest in commercial bathrooms’ fixtures and accessories. You argue that these things don’t matter as long as the bathroom is clean. Yet they do and have a huge impact on people’s perception of your business.

That’s why on top of installing commercial bathroom sinks, you should also add faucets and mirrors. Yes, these fixtures and accessories are a bit costly, but they’re worth it. Most people will even praise your business on social media for having bathrooms with modern fixtures and accessories.

Besides, you can reduce the cost of getting these accessories and fixtures by picking the top shops. You want to find shops offering amazing deals for commercial bathroom faucets, mirrors, and doors. For example, check for toilet roll holders here to enjoy incredible deals.

3. Hygiene and Odor Management

To create a positive brand image, you must ensure that your commercial bathrooms are clean at all times. That’s why you should consider hiring experts to clean these bathrooms. You want to find professionals who know the best cleaning products and disinfectants to use.

Besides, understand that you may still struggle with back odor despite cleaning the commercial bathrooms frequently. The odor may be due to a backflow problem in the plumbing system. To overcome this challenge, hire a professional commercial plumber.

Besides, look for products that’ll help you get rid of bad bathroom smells. So, invest in an air purifier and burn candles to give your commercial bathrooms a fresh smell.

4. Number of Users

It’s hard to keep commercial bathrooms in good condition if too many people are using them. That’s why you should take time to predict how many people will be using your commercial bathrooms. The idea is to ensure you’ve enough bathrooms for your employees and customers.

So, if the current commercial bathrooms are not enough, consider expanding them. Also, if you’re hosting a corporate event and expect a huge turnout consider renting out porta-potties. The idea is to avoid people having to queue to use the bathrooms.

5. Safety Codes and Accessibility

The other thing to consider about the maintenance of commercial bathrooms is safety codes. You want to ensure that your bathrooms’ adhere to the established hygiene and safety guidelines. Besides, properly label the out-of-order bathrooms with a visible and easy-to-read sign.

Also, as you maintain your commercial bathrooms, you must consider accessibility. Start by checking whether the bathrooms are accessible to people with disabilities. Also, to keep up with the current trends, offer gender-neutral bathrooms.

You should also consider restricting your commercial bathroom access to different groups of people. So, offer employees only bathroom to control congestion. Besides, insist that only your customers have access to your commercial bathrooms.

The objective is to limit the number of people using the bathrooms, thereby making it easy to maintain them. So, consider installing locks on your commercial bathroom doors.

6. Inspection Frequency

To simplify commercial bathroom maintenance, you must inspect them frequently. To save money, it’s tempting to carry out this inspection work yourself. After all, how hard can it be?

You assume that all you need is to check the cleanliness levels and check whether there are any leaks. Yet, without the right training, you’re going to miss serious commercial bathroom issues. By the time you realize there is a problem, you may be forced to shut down the bathrooms.

To avoid all these troubles, hire a professional to inspect your commercial bathrooms. You want to learn early signs of problems such as backflow and leakages. The idea is to take action quickly before these problems escalate.

You want to keep your commercial bathrooms in good condition.

Create a Positive Brand Image by Providing Clean Commercial Bathrooms

Understand that dirty commercial bathrooms damage your brand’s image. That’s why you should invest in regular bathroom maintenance. Start by offering modern fixtures and accessories such as commercial bathroom mirrors and faucets.

Also, invest in bathroom cleanliness and odor management. You want to ensure that your bathrooms are clean at all times and smell fresh. That’s why you should invest in products such as air purifiers.

Also, strive to ensure that your bathrooms are accessible to people with disabilities.

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