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How to Keep a House Clean: The Ultimate Guide

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A clean house is not only good for your physical health but your mental health as well. A messy space can make you more anxious and more stressed out, and it can also make it harder to clean the messier it is.

Learning how to keep a house clean is a big step in adulthood, and will help you to lead a happier and healthier life.

Don’t put off learning home cleaning tips when you could start benefiting from them today.

You Use It, You Clean It

A big part of cleaning is to do it when the mess appears. Don’t wait and put it off until the mess is bigger and unavoidable. If you use a bowl or a cup, or some scrap paper, clean it up right then and there.

Delaying a task can often make it harder to do later, especially when it comes to cleaning a kitchen or cleaning a bathroom. Messes have a way of growing, so don’t let them get big enough from the beginning.

Don’t end up with a room full of half-used water cups. It’s fine to have one or two but try to bring them back to the kitchen and wash them when you leave your room next. And if you cooked a big messy dinner, clean it up before dessert so you won’t need to in the morning.

One Room at a Time

When you’re trying to do some big spring cleaning or preparing for guests over the holidays, you might want to clean the house top to bottom. This task takes time and is an easy one to put off when you know how much work it will entail.

One of the best practices for cleaning a house is to take it one room at a time. Don’t worry about all the other spaces you need to work on, but instead focus on the bathroom or the bedroom right now. You’ll work more efficiently without being scattered, and once you’re done you can check off that whole space and move on.

If your home is in need of a deep clean, you might need to hire some help to get you back to a manageable level, which is totally fine. Many people use cleaning services to help keep their homes tidy when they do not have time. You can go here for more information about the types of housekeeping services you can get.

Don’t Wait on Small Tasks

Doing something like the laundry might feel daunting when it’s tons of clothes piled up on the floor. Doing the laundry throughout the week, a load here and there can help lessen the task. If you do a bit each day, it won’t build up and feel insurmountable.

The bigger a mess gets, the easier it is to put off and the more difficult it becomes to complete it, especially when it comes to cleaning a house. Houses get general mess from being lived in, so there may feel like there is always something to clean. While this is somewhat true, if you clean a little as you go, you won’t have a big house mess to clean all at once.

You Can Take It With You

If you have a tendency to leave things lying around the house where they don’t belong, try making a mental note when you do this and simply put away what you’re no longer using. If you are done reading a book for the day, put it back on the shelf.

When learning how to clean a home, it’s mostly about learning how to not make a mess in the first place. Instead of throwing your coat over a chair when you come in, hang it up right away and develop that novel behavior into a habit.

If you’re leaving a room for the day, clean up what you used or did in that space so it’s tidy for the next time you want to use it.

Don’t Procrastinate

When it comes to home cleaning tips, this may be the most important one. If you procrastinate, especially with things like food messes, they will get worse and be harder to clean the longer you leave them. By tidying when you make the mess, you won’t have to worry about it at all.

This can be a tricky habit to form, but try starting with small things. Wipe down the bathroom sink after you use it once a week to keep it looking clean and you won’t have to do a deep clean in a few weeks when things have started to grow.

A Strategy and a Schedule

When you’re first developing your cleaning skills it can be useful to make a plan of attack and build a schedule. If you live with others, try breaking up the chores and switching them each week. You can even designate a few hours on one day a week to be your cleaning time where everyone helps out.

Nobody enjoys cleaning up after others, so having a plan and following through can help your home stay tidy and comfortable.

Learning How to Keep a House Clean

Cleaning doesn’t always come second nature. And learning how to keep a house clean can be a monumental step in your development to functioning as an adult and create pleasant spaces for other people to comfortably enjoy.

No one likes going to a friend’s house when it’s always a mess and there is some mystery smell coming from the fridge.

Keep your home clean by tidying a little every day, and you’ll reap the benefits. And if you found this helpful in learning how to clean a home, keep reading for more useful tips.

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