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7 Common Types Of Homes That Thieves Target

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A safe and secure home is one of the important needs of every person to live peacefully. No one wants to be targeted by thieves or burglars and has their important belongings taken away. Having a secure lock in your home is the first defence against burglars. Hiring commercial locksmith services at Locksmith Sydney will help make sure that your locks are durable and effective.

  1. Houses That Are Close To Common Offenders

Houses that are in a neighbourhood that has more than average drug problem has a high crime rate or a place with a large number of people such as shopping centres and transit stations are more susceptible to burglary. Thieves are more familiar with potential targets that live within such areas while the homeowners here are more accustomed to strangers that they see daily.

  1. Homes That Are A Victim Of The Previous Burglary

Thieves will find your house easy to steal from if it has already been targeted before especially if that burglar was not caught the first time and no improvement has been made to strengthen your security. Your neighbours may also be targeted since your location is already considered as a successful area for stealing. Make sure you improve your home safety by using strong locks and hiring a professional who can offer expert advice as well as lock repair services by Locksmith Sydney as soon as you realise that you are vulnerable to such events.

  1. Architectural Features Are Good For Hiding

Thieves love homes where there are landscapes such as bushes under windows, solid fencing, low growing trees, and obscure doors or windows where they may hide and remain unseen by neighbours. Try landscaping in a manner that won’t cover key areas in your home and use prickly plants and gravel that makes noise when stepped on.

  1. Homes That Are Often Empty

Burglary often occurs when homeowners are away for work. 60% of burglaries happen during daytime or workweek when no one is around to guard the house. Some signs that may show thieves that you away include overgrown yards as well as mail that is piling up. Houses that also don’t have dogs guarding are more targeted by thieves.

  1. House With Poor Security

Typical burglary that occurs during the night is often associated with poor lighting or darkness that makes it harder for neighbours to see whenever any person is trespassing. Security systems and surveillance cameras prevent such people from entering your premises and make them less willing to target your house.

  1. Ares That Are Low-Traffic

Homes that are located on the outskirts of neighbourhoods, such as dead-end streets and cul-de-sacs, are more vulnerable to thieves because fewer people can see whenever a crime is being committed. Also, homes that are located in secluded areas are vulnerable as well as those that are in corners because this allows possible burglars to scope your place and stop for a turn. There are also instances when thieves are less visible to neighbours and cops in these areas.

  1. Accessible Houses

Access points that are easy to access include side and back entries while others may go through front doors. Any house that has weak entry points due to unrepaired doors or windows, as well as poor security, are more likely to be targeted.

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Final Word

Your house should be the place where you feel safest. That’s why it is always advised to improve security and to take measures to avoid getting targeted by burglars. Take note of these common types of houses that are usually attacked by thieves so that you may improve your home security.

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