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Reasons Behind Growing Popularity of Granite

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Do you know what made man creative first? It was granite. The stone age man first started thinking on shaping the stone for easy hunting. Stone was also used for food gathering by way of throwing the stone at the treetop fruits and get them down through heating them by stone. Even today we see the same practice of picking the fruits which are at the tree tops, by throwing stones.  In the course of evolution, granite has been used popularly by the human race. The popularity of granite is evident throughout the ages of numerous civilizations in many structures, buildings and monuments. The popularity of granite is growing from day one of human evolution to the ancient civilizations till today. Day by day, granite is entering to more and more kitchens and bathrooms in the contemporary world. Take the best granite from Granite au Sommet quartz for your kitchen and bathrooms.

In the present times, granite countertops occupy the top priority in kitchen and bathrooms. Below are the reasons for the growing popularity of granite in the world.

  • Granite instantly increases the value of the home: You can enter any house, the first similarity between houses you will find in the kitchen and bathrooms are the granite counter tops. Study a real estate agency, the customers first priority would be granite countertops. Granite countertops are popularly preferred because of their durability, natural beauty and a sense of symbol of status. Get your granite countertops from Granite au Sommet quartz to grow the beauty of your house and in your social status.
  • Granite is the symbol of style and design: Natural granite slabs are unique and each slab has its own charm in terms of difference to each other colour, shape etc. When granite countertops or tiles are designed in the houses, they look like pieces of arts. The second main reason for granite preference is because of its less or no maintenance in comparison to other materials even in comparison to marble.
  • Granite is heat, stain and moisture resistant: This is the main reason why people prefer granite than any other material for their kitchen and bathrooms. Kitchen and bathrooms are places where things come in the constant encounter to heat, water and chances of stain. Water is the basic reason for things getting damaged due to moisture. On the other hand, granite is sealed as heat, water, stain and moisture resistant.

Therefore, as many do, get in touch with Granite au Sommet quartz for the best, durable and heat, stain and moisture resistant granite for your kitchen and bathrooms.

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