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Tips In Growing Basil Seeds

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Basils are delightful in both gardens and kitchen. This herb that grows with abundant leaves is great for cooking and has medicinal properties as well. Growing them can be quite a challenge, especially if you are a beginner when it comes to gardening. Hiring professionals, such as gardening services Darlington from Amico, can help you grow healthy herbs in your garden.

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  • Pick What Variety Of Basil To Plant

There are different varieties of Basil to choose from. Basil, which comes from the mint family, has leaves that range from green to a deep purple color. There is also a variety of flavors such as hints of lemon, mint cinnamon, and licorice. You can choose which variety you want to include in your garden, or experiment with the different types to discover which ones you like the most. Sweet basil is often the most preferred by homeowners who love cooking.

  • Choose A Spot With Adequate Sunlight

Basils are sun lovers. Sunshine is vital for growing healthy basil since it usually thrives under the full sun with a temperature of 26 degrees Celsius every day. Avoid planting your basil seeds under the shades of trees or anywhere that can’t be reached by sunlight as it might affect its growth. Your area should have at least six to eight hours of sun per day. However, you can also find a spot which has light shade during the afternoon for places with hot temperature. You can always hire the help of an expert, like best gardening services Kensington by Amico, to help make sure that your garden thrives.

  • Decide Whether You will Plant Seeds Or Plants Itself

You can choose whether you want to plant seeds or plants. Seeds can be planted indoors and it usually takes four to six weeks before the last frost date, or you can directly sow it in your garden when the soil becomes warmer. To plant, scatter seeds over the surface of the soil and cover it lightly before watering them thoroughly. The seeds should be at least 15cm apart when planting it on rich, well-drained soil. You can add some compost to make your basil plant healthier and for its leaves to thrive.

  • Planting In Containers

If you have a small backyard garden or have no space for planting outdoors, you can always choose to plant basil in containers. Aside from being useful in the kitchen, the basil plants will also become a lovely display for your home. Just make sure that the containers you use should drain well, have rich soil and plenty of sunlight.

  • Provide Adequate Water Daily

Always make sure that you have a good drainage system to avoid root rot. One of the biggest threats for basil plants is root rot which occurs due to poor drainage and overwatering. On the other hand, letting the plants dry out will stunt their growth. Always remember to keep the soil moist but not too wet as to drown the plant regularly. You can use a mulch to keep the soil evenly moist.

  • Harvest As Often As Possible

Basil plants grow bushier with ore leaves when they are harvested throughout the growing season. Always harvest when the plants reach about fifteen centimeters in height. Pinch off their top leaves to encourage new growth and have a fresh new supply of leaves. If you don’t harvest frequently, the basil will grow flowers and goes to seed instead.

Final Word

Basil is easy to grow and is a good addition to your garden. Make sure to take note of these tips when you start planting, growing, and harvesting your basil plants.

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