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5 Swinging Doors Ideas You Need to Check Out

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The average home needs updating as frequently as every five years. This is approximately how long it takes for your interior to become worn, damaged, or simply outdated.

One way to update your home without costly renovations is by updating doors. And these days, doors for the home come in a variety of styles and with different functions.

Surprisingly, you may want to look to the old west for modern inspiration. That’s because swinging doors, or saloon doors, are having a moment in interior design, and it’s a trend that’s likely to stay for years to come.

If you’re considering adding a swinging door to your home, get inspired with these ideas.

Inspiring Swinging Doors for the Home

Swinging doors no longer look like the old-fashioned doors seen in western saloons. Instead, there are several updated versions available for you to try.

Here are five swinging doors that may work perfectly in your home update.

1. Swinging Pantry Doors

One of the easiest and most practical swinging door trends takes place in your kitchen pantry.

Many kitchens today have a separate pantry space, often separated by a full door. But a conventional door can take up space while making the kitchen look smaller.

Not only that, but having to open and close a pantry door with a knob can be hard if you’re in the middle of cooking. No one wants to touch their door to grab ingredients with messy, food-covered hands.

Swinging pantry doors replace traditional doors, offering division without completely concealing your pantry. And if you need to pop in the pantry for some flour or oil, you can do so hands-free.

Many kitchen pantries will only need one swinging door, but it’s possible to also play around with two smaller and shorter saloon doors, which allow a peek into your pantry from the outside.

2. Double Swing Doors

Double swing doors may sound like the typical swinging saloon doors seen in western movies, where two doors come together to create a barrier. But double swing doors don’t always mean two swinging doors. In fact, they’re a lot more complicated (and much cooler) than that.

Double swing doors are swinging doors, but they don’t use a usual swinging door hinge. Instead, they have a track that allows them to open in all directions.

These types of doors are ideal for small spaces. You can open it by pulling horizontally to the left or right, and then push it back so it folds neatly next to the wall. That way, you can fully open a space, without the door getting in the way.

3. Swinging Room Dividers

To get the most out of a swinging door, use it to divide different rooms in your home.

If you no longer want food smells wafting into your living room, use swinging doors to divide it from the kitchen. Or if you don’t want to hear your noisy washing machine, add swinging room dividers to your laundry room.

A bathroom can also greatly benefit from the added privacy of swinging doors. If you have a bathroom that opens right into your bedroom, for example, you can separate the two with swinging doors. Or if you have a toilet area tucked away in your bathroom, you can conceal it with swinging doors, without completely cutting it off from the rest of the space.

The options are endless when using swinging doors as room dividers. Get creative and try adding separation in any room in your home.

4. Swinging Closet Doors

Another perfect idea for using swinging doors is to cover a closet or wardrobe with them.

Especially for clothes closets and well-organized closet spaces, some people don’t want to completely shut these spaces away. Yet displaying them as part of the room can add clutter to an otherwise clean space.

The perfect compromise is using swinging doors that only cover part of the doorway. That way, you can still see the items inside the closet, without the closet spilling out into the rest of the room.

5. Full-Length Swinging Doors

This type of swinging door can be applied to nearly any of the previous ideas listed. But when people think of swinging doors, they may not imagine full-length doors and all the possibilities they offer.

A full-length swinging door completely blocks off another room or closet, yet the swinging function makes it easy to access. And because it’s as long as a regular-sized door, a full-length swinging door can be decorated and adorned in whatever style you like.

You could add a large window on the door, allowing you to still see through. Alternatively, you could keep the entire door solid, adding a knob or hardware plate instead.

For full-length swinging doors, you might need an extra pair of double swing hinges to offer enough support. But once your door is installed, you won’t regret the huge impact it makes on your space.

Benefits of Having Swinging Doors

If you’re still considering swinging doors but not sure which style might be right for you, consider these benefits:

  • easy to use, without needing your hands
  • pet and child-friendly
  • separates rooms while saving space
  • offers extra privacy
  • allows light and air to flow through different spaces
  • comes in a variety of sizes, shapes, and styles

Consider what you hope to get from your swinging door and what benefits you appreciate the most. Then, choose a style that fits those ideals.

Updating Your Home With a Swinging Door

Even though swinging doors are inspired by old saloon doors, today’s designs are fresh and unique.

Update your interior with a swinging door and get the best of both worlds, combining room division and unifying your space.

If you’re ready to add a swinging door to your home, try doing it yourself. You can learn more DIY tips with our latest DIY articles!

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