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5 Ways To Get Your Kids Excited For College

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Most kids see college as a concept that’s far off in the distant future, but as a parent, you’ve probably been saving up for their tuition since before your kids were even born. Going to real campuses and taking tours really solidifies the prospect of college and how there are numerous possibilities for them to become more self-sufficient. You can help them see the fun in exploring different career paths and building up their independence. If you’re hoping that your kids will attend your alma mater someday or just seek higher education in general, here are several ways you can get them excited for college.

1. Go to schools that cater to their interests.


Maybe your child is a really big fan of Gertrude Stein or Conan O’Brien. Well, they might be interested to learn that both of them went to Harvard. Perhaps they’re really interested in film and could benefit from seeing UCLA in real life. If you want your child to be excited about college, think about what they love to do and go from there!

If your child is thinking of going to college, the best way to navigate the application process is to get assistance from a college admissions advisor. The admissions process can be really difficult, and because high school counselors have to guide their entire student body, getting personalized advice from a private counselor may be a better option to guarantee your child’s long-term success.

2. Take them to your college campus and share your personal experiences.


This is a special way you can introduce your kids to the idea of college. When you share your personal experiences with your kids in a place they’ve never known, it opens up a part of you that they get to learn about. You can tell them about all of the fun times you’ve had at school and teach them about how college helped you learn more about yourself. Visiting your alma mater can be quite an experience because you’re essentially revisiting your past self as your current self. And getting to do that with your kids makes it all the more special.

3. Visit schools out of state and take tours.

Traveling with your family can be a lot of fun. And when you visit campuses outside of your state, it’s an experience for both you and them to enjoy. Taking tours can help them envision themselves attending the school, taking those classes, and eating the same meals. Part of getting your kids excited for college is helping them visualize the potential that is there. They’ll get to see the campus and witness all the college kids walking by and having a good time. When your kids feel like they can be involved, they’re more likely to get excited about it.

4. Have them speak to a current student.


Some kids prefer to learn more outside of their parents’ input. A great way for your child to learn more about college is to have them speak to someone who is currently in school. Some colleges invite high school students to allow them to see what it’s like. Or you can have your kids speak to one of your relatives who is currently pursuing their degree. Talking to a current college student helps your child figure out what they can get out of college and determine whether it could actually be an enjoyable experience for them.

5. Bring your kids to events on college campuses.

Whether it’s a football game or the spring musical, your kids will get a better picture of the activities available at college when they attend events. They’ll learn that there are plenty of students who go to college to study theater and get to perform in shows. Or they’ll find college athletes who are also pursuing education while playing their favorite sports. Because higher education can be multifaceted, they’ll understand how many opportunities they can gain while attending.

Hopefully, the tips on this page help you get your kids excited for college!

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