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7 Benefits of Polyurea Floor Coatings

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Due to an increased focus on hygiene and safety, the floor coating market should grow by over 5% every year until 2024. Are you on board with this new trend and wondering which one of the available floor coatings to choose?

There are many excellent options available, but it’s vital to keep several criteria in mind when doing so. Floor coatings are expensive, so you want a product that offers you a long lifespan and excellent service.

Here’s why polyurea floor coatings stand out from the rest.

1. Low Maintenance Flooring Options

Polyurea coatings may cost a little more than conventional floor coatings, but you won’t need to re-coat your floors every few years.

They’re non-porous, so you can easily wipe up any spills without any worries about staining and need only mop them occasionally to keep them in pristine condition.

2. Fast Curing Time

Some types of floor coatings can take days to dry, delaying your operations and causing inconvenience. With polyurea floor coatings, your garage or factory floor is good to go within a day.

3. Polyurea Is Flexible

Extra elasticity means these floor coatings move with the concrete, making them suited for both indoor and outdoor applications.

Due to this elasticity, they won’t crack or peel because of weather extremes that cause concrete to contract or expand.

4. Polyurea Coatings Are Durable

Polyurea floor coatings can resist water, chemicals, and the sun’s UV rays, so your floors look good as new for up to

According to Select Coatings, polyurea coatings are four times more durable than epoxy floors which can show signs of wear within only two years.

5. Non-Slip Flooring

Polyurea coatings contain vinyl chips. This means you’ll have greater traction when you walk on them and needn’t worry about slips and falls.

Despite this non-slip benefit, the coatings have an attractive glossy sheen that makes them an attractive choice for both home and business premises.

If you live in an area where snow and rain end up on your floors, a polyurea coating is the ideal safety solution for you.

6. Customizable Flooring Options

You can choose from a wide range of customizable options when you install polyurea floor coatings. Some varieties include:

  • Granite look finishes
  • Metallic sheen
  • Colored coating options

All these finishes have a clear topcoat to ensure your chosen look lasts as long as your floor.

7. Polyurea Coatings are Versatile

Polyurea is a popular choice for residential garage flooring, but it also suits a wide range of commercial applications.

They work well in hair salons, pet grooming parlors, and business entrances. They’re ideal if your business leads onto a road where rock salt and snowmelt may damage your floors.

Make Your Home Improvements Count

Polyurea coatings work by bonding with the moisture in concrete floors to create an impermeable barrier that can resist anything you throw at it.

It’s safe, attractive, and durable enough to take daily hiccups as well as major mishaps in its stride.

Are you always on the hunt for the latest, greatest ways to improve your home and business? Browse our blog for all the best tips.

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