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5 Signs Your Boiler Needs To Be Replaced Sooner or Later

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The essence of boilers can never be overemphasized, especially during the cold weather when you need to provide artificial heat for your home. When maintained properly, a boiler can last for several years. Nevertheless, like other things that we have in homes, a boiler cannot last forever. Hence, a time will come when you have to replace your old boiler with a new one.

So, how would you know that it is time you replaced your boiler? Here are the crucial signs that you should be on the lookout for.

1. Your boiler has an energy efficiency rating that is not up to A

In general, boilers are rated from A to G, with A signifying 90% efficiency and G known as the least rating that shows 70% efficiency. The lower the efficiency rating of your boiler, the higher energy bills that you have to pay. So, if your boiler is not rated high enough, you should understand that it will make you spend more on energy bills. Save yourself from this problem by replacing your boiler with a more efficient one.

2. Your boiler has strange odor, noise or is leaking water

A good boiler should not make any unusual noise, produce foul odor or leaks from any of its parts. Therefore, if your boiler is doing any of these things, you rest assured that it is not in good condition and requires replacement sooner or later. Well, you may not notice these signs easily, so you must check out your boiler from time to time to ensure that you observe these signs as early as possible and prevent further problems by replacing the boiler.

3. Your boiler is too old

Perhaps you already feel attached to your boiler or you are simply economical about spending money on replacing it. Sadly, this will not change the fact that the boiler may not be able to serve you appropriately and sufficiently again. Therefore, if you have been using your boiler for about 15 years or more, you should consider replacing it with a newer and more efficient model.

4. Your boiler needs boiler services than usual

Due to old age, several problems or other reasons, you may become a regular customer of a boiler repairer. Although the boiler service will take care of the problem for a period, the issue will always come back after a few weeks or months. Of course, this is a sign that is telling you that your boiler is no more dependable and the only lasting solution is to replace it.

5. Your boiler is not heating water effectively

Insufficient or improper water heating is another sign that hints you that you may have to replace your boiler. It should be noted that this comes in different forms such as hot water running out too quickly, tap water taking forever before heating or insufficient hot water for your shower. Irrespective of how it comes, you should get in touch with a professional to offer you boiler service and replace the old boiler.

Overall, these signs may not be so obvious, so you should carefully check your boiler and its functions regularly.

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