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How Do You Know If Your Boiler Is Broken?

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Are you having a hard time deciding whether or not you need a boiler service? Well, you should know that many homeowners struggle with this. For the inexperienced, a boiler might appear to work just fine, even though it might be broken. So, you might wonder what to do to keep up your boiler maintenance. Well, we’ve got you covered in this article with our technician’s insights on how to tell your boiler is broken. Let’s see when you need to consider a boiler service for your device.

1. You can’t rely on your device anymore

If you’ve observed that your boiler fails to cover your daily needs, you might require a new boiler. Technicians say that the tell-tale sign that a boiler is broken is its constant shutting down unexpectedly. Besides, when your unit gets damaged, you might experience a lack of properly heated water. And in addition, your home’s temperature might suffer too. Hence, the first sign you need to look for to establish whether or not you need boiler service is its ability to keep the water warm.

2. It triggers your carbon monoxide alarm

This is a serious sign that your boiler is broken, and you should never ignore it. Carbon monoxide is poisonous, so you should request an immediate assessment of your device. Boiler service might reveal the leak in your boiler, but at the same time might tell you your unit is damaged beyond repair. 

3. Its discharge pipe leaks

Of course, when you observe water leaking from your boiler, you need an immediate boiler service. If your discharge pipe leaks, it most likely indicates that your pressure vessel is faulty. This might happen due to rust and build-up clogging the pipework of your boiler. Keep in mind that if this debris isn’t cleaned from your boiler, it can damage your unit beyond repair. 

4. It makes strange noises

When a boiler breaks down, it makes all sorts of strange noises. Rattling, gurgling, kittling, or any other similar sign should make you consider a boiler service. These might be the result of an internal issue with your central heating system. 

5. It lacks pressure

A common problem many homeowners face is low boiler pressure. This can turn out to be a sign you have a broken boiler if your technician raised the pressure, and it didn’t last more than a couple of days. At the same time, high pressure is also an indicator there is a problem with your boiler that needs immediate attention.

The bottom line is that there are plenty of clear signs you have a broken boiler. Still, you can avoid damage to your property and safety risks by having regular boiler maintenance. Specialists recommend requesting the help of a technician as soon as you notice something is different about your unit. 

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