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5 tell-a-tale signs that your home needs an HVAC contractor!

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Preventive maintenance is critical for HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) systems. Unfortunately, most homeowners don’t pay adequate attention to regular HVAC inspection wichita ks, eventually ending up paying for expensive repairs and subsequent replacements. There are a few tell-a-tale signs that you should contact a reliable HVAC contractor like EntrepriseB.Air for immediate inspection. Here’s a quick list for your help.

  1. Your HVAC system wouldn’t start. This could be a problem with the unit or electrical connections. Make sure that you call a professional company for the check – DO NOT attempt DIY repairs or open parts of the HVAC unit on your own.
  2. You are not happy with cooling/heating results. If the HVAC unit is not cooling or heating as expected, or there is a change in how the entire system is working, you should consider getting it inspected as soon as possible.
  3. The HVAC unit is making weird sounds. While some noise from your heating & cooling system is quite expected, keep a note of any odd sounds. This could be related to either indoor or outdoor units and must be checked for.
  4. There is odd odor in the house. If you smell mold, or strange odors inside the house, it could be related to the HVAC system. Make sure that the air filters are changed every two to three months, and if you have been up with preventive maintenance, an inspection is necessary.
  5. You have been spending too much on odd repairs. Old HVAC units are likely to require more repairs than usual, but if the repairs have been denting your pocket for a while, replacement might be necessary. Call a company that specializes in both repairs and new installations and get everything evaluated.

Finding the right HVAC contractor

No matter whether you are looking for repairs, just servicing or new installation, finding the right HVAC contractor is critical. Check if the company is licensed, has necessary permits, and a physical address. It is also necessary for the HVAC contractor to have insurance. Find more on how they hire, train their workers and whether their team members are bonded and insured. You should also check if the company has a 24×7 emergency number for help and if they offer regular inspections and maintenance contracts.

Regardless of the size and nature of the job, always insist on an estimate, and if working with an HVAC contractor for the first time, don’t shy away from asking references.

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