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5 Questions to Ask Your Flooring Contractor

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Hardwood laminate flooring liberty mo, carpeting, tile–each one gives a room its own unique style. If you’re looking to transform a room, replacing the flooring is a perfect place to start; to do that, though, you’ll need to hire a flooring contractor.

Hiring the right flooring company is more complicated than googling “flooring contractor near me” and hiring the first name that comes up. There are some important things you need to consider when hiring a contractor.

When you’re comparing flooring contractors, it helps to have a list of questions prepared to ask anyone you’re considering for the job. Read on to learn five key questions to ask before hiring a flooring contractor.

1. Are They Licensed and Insured?

This should be the first thing you ask your contractor. Not every state requires flooring companies to be licensed, but you should at least ensure that the person you hire has insurance.

There are two kinds of insurance you should look for: general liability and workers’ compensation. General liability insurance will cover any damage to your home, so that’s the main thing to check for.

2. Can They Offer Referrals?

Many flooring contractors are happy to give you a few referrals–previous clients you can contact to get an idea of how reliable the flooring company is. Always ask for a few referrals.

A referral is an opportunity to get an honest review of the company, as well as to assure yourself that the contractor has experience with the same kind of job that you’re hiring them for.

3. What Is Their Timeline?

Home renovation can often be an invasive and lengthy process; it’s an inevitable consequence of making large changes to your home. You need to know how long the process is going to take before moving forward with it.

If the flooring contractor has dealt with similar projects before, they should have an accurate idea of how long they’ll need.

4. How Many Projects Do They Have?

This question might seem like an odd one, but you can learn a lot from it. First of all, if a flooring contractor is getting a lot of business, that’s probably a good sign–it points to a positive reputation.

On the other hand, if it’s a small company taking on a huge number of projects, they could be overextending–which could result in your project dragging out or being put on the back burner.

5. Who Is in Charge?

If there are any issues with the flooring installation, you need to know who to talk to. Who is in charge of managing and overseeing the work? Who is in charge of your account with the company? Are they the same person?

Knowing who to contact is vital if you want to resolve issues quickly.

Choose the Perfect Flooring Contractor

Hiring a flooring contractor can help you turn your house into the home of your dreams… assuming you hire the right one. With the questions above, you can weed out potential problems and find the best flooring contractor in your area.

Are you looking for more ways to spruce up your house? Visit our blog for more great ideas on renovating and decorating your home!

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