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Roof Repair: How To Get The Best Deals In San Diego

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Replacing your roof is a costly affair that costs between $2.50 and $11 per square foot. So, if your roof is looking a little shabby, you probably want to find out about your roof repair options first.

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In many cases, fixing your roof can leave it good as new, but this task doesn’t always come cheap either. On the other hand, a cheap fix might not last as long as you’d like.

Here’s how to ensure you get the best deal on pitched or flat roof repair in San Diego, with no regrets.

Arrange a Roof Inspection

When you get a professional on board to tell you exactly what your roof needs, you’re in a better position for bargaining. A roof inspector will give you an honest opinion on whether your roof is beyond repair and how to patch it up if possible.

To the untrained eye, your roof might look like it simply needs a few new shingles. A trained professional can tell you if there are more serious issues.

Some roofing companies offer roof inspections, but it’s best to go with an unbiased independent assessment of your roof situation.

Check Your Roof’s Warranty

If your roof is still under warranty, you might get away with paying nothing for your roof repair.

When you buy a home, find out when the roof was last replaced and when the warranty expires. If you forget, you’ll need to contact the previous owner and find out from them.

Likewise, if you’ve bought a new home, your roof might have a warranty that covers repair and replacement. You can check how these types of warranties work by contacting the Federal Trade Commission.

Is Your Roof Insured?

Most homeowner’s insurance covers roof repair and replacement. That is if the damage isn’t due to neglect.

So, if your roof’s damaged in a storm, you might have grounds to claim from your insurer for the damages.

Repair Versus Replace

If you don’t have a warranty in place for your roof, you’ll need to decide whether it’s worth repairing it. If your roof is near the end of its lifespan, it could work out cheaper to replace it now rather than later.

Does your roof have over 10 years of service left? If the repair costs are reasonable, it’s worth fixing your roof instead of replacing it. You don’t want to waste money fixing a roof that you’ll need to replace within a few years though.

Your roof inspector can help you decide on the best course of action.

Find a Reputable Contractor

One of the best ways to find an expert to work with is by asking around. Ask friends, family, neighbors, and colleagues about their experiences with local roof repair companies.

An internet search for ‘roof repair near me’, will reveal a host of contractors in your area. You can find out more about each one by browsing their website for clues.

Look at their ‘About’ page for information on how long they’ve been in business. See if they’ve listed any customer reviews, and check if they’re licensed to work in your state.

Other important aspects are a street address, third-party insurance to cover any damage or injuries while working on your property, and whether they’re bonded or not.

While you’re on their website, look for seasonal specials that could save you money. Roofing contractors aren’t as busy during the late winter and spring and often offer discounts at these times.

Shop Around For Roof Repair Prices

When you’ve established your best options for roof repair, get in touch with each one and ask some questions. These include:

  • Can you provide me with references?
  • Will you do a free roof inspection before compiling an estimate?
  • How long is the warranty on your workmanship?

Based on their answers, make a shortlist of the contractors you’d like to work with. Then, ask them to provide you with a detailed estimate of the cost to repair your roof.

You can also compare prices for roofers via online estimates if that’s easier for you. You won’t get the personalized service or exact pricing like you do in person, but at least you’ll have an idea of the cost.

When comparing prices, it’s important to make sure you’re comparing apples to apples. A more expensive estimate might include longer warranties, after-sales service, or better-quality materials.

Apart from helping you find the best price, these estimates open your eyes to the various approaches to repairing your roof.

One of these options is an overlay. This process involves placing new shingles over the damaged ones. It’s a lot cheaper since there’s less labor involved.

On the downside, this procedure can affect your roof warranty. You’ll also pay more for labor when you eventually replace your roof since the contractor needs to remove more shingles in the process.

Figuring Out Financing

The best way to pay for a new roof is to save up for this inevitable cost according to your roof’s ‘expiry date’. Roof repairs can catch you off guard, though.

Some roofing companies offer finance on major repairs, and you can pay for roof repairs with a credit card. Either way, you’ll end up paying much more when you take finance charges into account.

Alternatives to pay for major repairs include government-backed financing via the Federal Housing Administration and home equity loans.

Again, it’s best to save a little toward home repairs every month, so you don’t end up paying more than you must.

Get The Most Bang For Your Buck

When compared to roof replacement, roof repair is always the cheaper option. It can also help keep your roof in good shape for years to come.

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