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Why You Need a Swimming Pool Safety Fence

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There are more than 10 million residential pools in the United States. The demand for residential pools continues to grow as COVID-19 closed many public pools over the last two summers.

If you just got a pool installed or bought a house with a pool, you have a bit more responsibility on your hands. You have to handle pool maintenance. You might consider getting a swimming pool safety fence installed.

On one side of the fence, it changes the look of your pool. On the other side of the fence are a bunch of advantages.

Do you want to settle the debate once and for all? Read on to learn why you need to have a fence around your swimming pool.

1. It’s the Law

Pools are a safety and liability issue. As pool injuries increase, they divert resources from hospitals and first responders. That makes it difficult to respond to other life-threatening issues.

Municipalities recognize this is a major public health issue, so they are doing what they can to minimize pool injuries.

Many now require that residential pool owners install a swimming pool safety fence. Check your area to see if it’s required by law or not.

2. Insurance Requirements

Insurance companies understand the liability issues that come with having a pool. They’re the ones who pay for medical bills if a person is injured in the pool.

Of course, insurance companies don’t want to pay out these claims often. Some insurance companies won’t provide coverage unless a pool fence is installed.

At the very least, you could end up with a discount on your insurance policy.

3. Safety Reasons

Did you know that drowning is the main cause of death for kids under 5? They don’t have the swimming skills yet, but they have the curiosity to see what the swimming pool is all about.

Even if you don’t have kids of your own, you may have friends with kids over. It just takes a split second for one of the kids to disappear and find their way to your pool.

Pool fences exist to prevent that from happening. They also prevent kids from sneaking onto your property to jump into your pool, too.

4. Protects Your Pets and Pool

Pets don’t understand the dangers of the swimming pool. While some breeds love to jump into the pool, others might struggle to find their way around unsupervised.

You don’t want to constantly watch over your pet, but you do need to protect them. Let the swimming pool fence do the work for you.

At the same time, pool fences keep outside critters from getting into the pool and doing significant damage.

5. Fences Are Better than Nets

How many times do you cover and uncover the pool during the year? It easily becomes a tiresome chore. They take time and energy to deal with. They prevent you from getting the most enjoyment out of the pool.

Pool fences take away the need to do this constantly.

6. Privacy

There are many swimming pool fence ideas that help you maximize the level of privacy. They don’t have to be big structures, either.

A pool fence keeps your neighbors from trying to see what’s going on and lets you relax.

Installing a Swimming Pool Safety Fence

As you can see, there are many good reasons to install a fence around your swimming pool. To get started, you have a big decision to make. Should you DIY the installation or hiring a fencing contractor?

A fencing contractor ensures that the quality of work is there. They can manage different scenarios, such as sloped yards, and tight spaces.

On the DIY side, you’ll save money. You might enjoy working on this type of project. You’ll need to check the building codes regarding pool fences and mark utility lines before you start digging.

You’ll also need to pick your swimming pool fence. Look online and get a sense of the different styles available. You want something that matches the architecture of your home and pool design.

Finding a Contractor

If you decide that it’s too much to DIY a pool fence installation, you’ll need to find a reliable contractor.

Get recommendations from your pool maintenance company. You might work with a company like Silver State Pool Service. They probably have connections to people who can install a swimming pool safety fence.

You’ll want to look the company up online and see what services they offer. They may contract with certain fence manufacturers. Look at their previous work.

You should also look at testimonials and reviews from previous customers. Check to see if the contractor is licensed and insured.

Contact a few companies and invite them to bid on the project. Make sure the proposals have line items for materials and labor, instead of one package price. That makes it much easier to compare vendors.

Ask the contractors questions about your installation. They may have ideas as to where to put the gate. They’ll have recommendations about the type of pool fence you should use.

Get a timeline for the project and ask if there are supply chain issues. Many contractors have a hard time getting materials because of the pandemic. This will set your timeline back.

Pool Fences Keep Your Pool Secure

You should install a swimming pool safety fence. You might have to in order to comply with legal and insurance requirements.

When you do get your pool fence installed, make sure you use a reputable contractor. They’ll have the expertise to navigate your yard and get the job done right.

If you decide to DIY the project, be sure to head over to the DIY section of this site for project ideas and tips.

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