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Best Season to Put Evaporative Cooler in Use

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When the temperature skyrockets during the new summertime, you can prevent lots of money in your strength payments by installing a swamp cooler, a type of evaporative cooler. A swamp cooler uses evaporation to chill your home’s air, an alternative to an air conditioner, which relies on near-constant electricity to run the condenser coils. The best way to cool your home is with a fan, as an evaporative cooler uses electricity. Evaporative cooling is a great energy-efficient and sustainable cooling method, so if you like the idea, you should consider it! Knowing how to use an evaporative cooler will allow you to get the most out of it. 

Use your evaporative cooler in a dry climate.

Using an evaporative cooler during humid days is the most common error people make. There is a possibility that this will not work. Evaporative coolers cool the environment by allowing fresh water to dissipate into dry air by dissipating into dry air. The water evaporating in the surrounding area reduces the temperature, resulting in bloodless air that the machine’s fan blows when desired. As your body cools in dry air, damp skin performs the same process as sweating. It’s because of the sweat evaporating into the air on a humid day – there is already too much moisture for evaporation to take place. Evaporative coolers work in a similar manner: high humidity levels prevent swamp coolers from working correctly since the water cannot evaporate fast enough to reduce air temperatures. Ultimately, what is the point? In arid climates, such as those found in Texas and California, evaporative cooling is done efficiently. 

Utilize it according to the season

When the relative humidity reaches 70%, an evaporative cooler works perfectly. When the damper is above 75%, its effectiveness is lost, and it can make the air damper, making things worse. The sweat from your body evaporates into the air, creating an uncomfortable sensation on a humid day. Furthermore, if the humidity reaches a high level, the water will not evaporate quickly enough to lower temperatures. Are you living in an area where humidity is a threat? Well, keep an eye on the weather frequently. The evaporative cooler can be extraordinarily helpful on hot/dry days, especially when looking to reduce the use of your air conditioning. It is crucial to understand that evaporative coolers are best suited to people living in dry climates.

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