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What You Need to Think About Before Laying a Patio

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Patios can be lovely features in gardens and are ideal for placing your garden furniture, BBQs, and even some pretty potted plants. You will usually walk out onto the patio from the backdoor, but that doesn’t mean you can place these garden features in other parts of your outdoor space, too. If you think your current patio needs replacing, or you would like to lay one in another part of the garden, below are some important things to think about before you move ahead with your plans.

The Type of Stone and Finish You Want

Your budget for your new patio will be a determining factor when it comes to choosing the type of stone or brick paving you want, and some of the more expensive slabs will be made from natural stone, whereas the cheaper will be made from concrete. Natural stone is more desirable from an aesthetic point of view. Shop around and consider how big you want your patio to be and how much you want to spend to find the right choice for you.

Leveling the Ground

If you are choosing to do this as a DIY project, make sure that you have dug down and leveled the ground before you start putting any slabs down. You’ll need sand and hardcore to do this. You can find more details on how to lay a patio yourself here, but if you aren’t confident in your abilities, do hire a professional to do this for you for the best results. 

Getting the Right Equipment

If you are hiring a professional, they should have all the necessary tools and equipment to carry out the work. However, if you are attempting this yourself, you’ll need to invest in the right tools. Purchasing them can be a good investment if you like DIY and intend to do this kind of work again, but you can also hire out tools if this is a better option. This professional grouting equipment is a good example of what you will need.

How Does the Patio Fit in With the Rest of the Garden?

You should also be mindful of how your new patio is going to fit in with the rest of the garden and its design. If the stones or pattern you are using clashes with other masonry work, this could spoil the aesthetics in your garden and might fill you with regret later. You should also consider the patio’s function. For example, is it going to be an outdoor dining area? Or somewhere to sunbathe? Would you like to place some shelter over it, such as a Pergola or gazebo? If you do want to add these structures to your patio, you’ll need to make sure you are marking this out so that everything fits together properly.

Patios can look excellent in gardens and provide a stable level for entertaining and relaxing. Just make sure you have thought carefully about the above points before you start breaking ground so that you get the best results.

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