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What should you do with your garden this spring?

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Spring is the perfect time to take steps to create a luxurious garden that will thrive during summer. Planting nectar-rich plants, fruit trees, and adding a bird box or two will enhance your garden. Spring weather is often unpredictable and challenging to home gardeners but it’s also an interesting and exciting time to create a beautiful environment.

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Allow a Small Patch of Your Garden to Grow Wild

Choose a small area in your garden, preferably a corner, and allow the grass and plants to grow naturally. Plant some wildflower seeds during spring so they have the time to grow at their own pace. Long grass, plants, and wildflowers attract lovely birds, butterflies and other species to your garden. The long grass also acts as a protective barrier or hiding place for small species to hide during spring and summer rainfall.

Plant Nectar Rich Plants

This planting season choose to plant colourful nectar-rich plants that will bring your garden to life and last until autumn. Popular nectar-rich plants include biennial wallflower, aubretia, grape hyacinth, primroses, pulmonaria, and forget-me-nots. It’s also the perfect time of year to plant cherry, pear, apple and plum trees.

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Add a Bird Box to the Garden

Bird boxes are available in a variety of sizes, designs, and colours. There are also DIY bird box kits that allow you to use your creativity by building your own bird box. You must place the bird box in your garden as quickly as possible to increase the chances of nesting. Bird boxes provide a safe environment for a variety of bird species to nest their young.

Improve the Landscape

An excellent way to improve the landscape is to add features such as pathways, ponds, water features and more. Paving and pathways is an excellent way to improve the look of your garden. Unique stones that are carefully placed to create a small pathway add character to your garden. Water features and ponds create a natural flow of water and the opportunity to add lily pads to your garden.

Attracting birds and butterflies are often the goal of many gardeners. Adding plants to your garden that attract insects is a clever way to attract other species that feed on the bugs. Plan carefully this spring and include the help of a professional landscaper or gardener to install the flowers, trees, water features and pathways to your beautiful garden.


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