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5 Turf Management Tips for a Healthier-Looking Lawn

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After a long winter of not having to care for your lawn, spring has finally sprung and it’s time to make sure it looks healthy and clean.

With so many different things that can go wrong with your lawn, it’s important to know how to properly care for it to keep it as green as can be!

We’ve compiled five turf management tips to make sure you are keeping your lawn as healthy as possible.

1. Use a Natural Fertilizer

Much like the word “natural” tends to mean “better” in most scenarios, the same applies to your lawn. Using a natural fertilizer is much better for your turf because it provides a natural and organic food source over an extended period of time.

2. Do Not Use Pesticides

You may want to use pesticides to quickly get rid of any pests or weeds that you see on your turf. Although this may get rid of them quickly, it can be damaging to the rest of your turf.

Using natural products will also reduce any unwanted pests or weeds. Keeping the height of your grass at an optimal length will also eliminate weeds over time.

3. Water Your Lawn Twice a Week

Watering your lawn too much will create a muddy mess. Not watering your lawn enough will create dry and cracking grass with brown spots. Neither is great.

If you want the perfect turf management, you want to water your lawn once to twice per week. During the summer season, it’s best to water your lawn before sunrise to make sure the grass can soak up the water before the sun dries up the moisture.

4. Test Your Soil

You may not think to test your soil when dealing with all green turf management. However, testing your soil every few weeks or months can save you time and money. You’ll know exactly what nutrients your grass needs to thrive.

There are many online retailers that sell soil tests that can determine the strengths and weaknesses of your soil. From there, you’ll know what to add to your grass to keep it green and healthy!

5. Hire a Professional Turf Management Company

If you feel as though you aren’t great at taking care of your lawn, it may be best to outsource your all seasons turf management. Turf management companies are able to look at your lawn and determine what it needs to be healthy and stay green.

You can check out a company here: https://hydrodynamicscorp.com/. They can cover all your lawn needs!

Get Your Picture Perfect Lawn

By following these turf management tips, you’ll have a flawless lawn in no time. Your neighbors will be asking you how you take care of your lawn so theirs can look like yours.

Who wouldn’t want their lawn to be the talk of the town?

If you enjoyed reading these tips, check out more of our tips in our Landscaping section! They won’t disappoint.

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