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What Are the Steps to Obtaining a Legitimate Realtor’s License?

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The state of real estate is really good. More than 500,000 Americans work as real estate brokers. That’s bigger than the population of Atlanta.

If you want to help people find new homes, you should consider getting a realtor’s license. But you can’t just apply for one online.

What requirements do you need to meet in order to get a license? How much education do you need? What is the realtor’s license test like?

Answer these questions and you can decide for yourself if getting a license is right for you. Here is your quick guide.

Find Out Your State’s Requirements

Each state has its own board that supervises the practices of realtors. Each board has regulations that control whether or not someone can receive a real estate agent license.

In general, you must have a high school diploma and take a series of prelicensing courses. You then must pass an exam. You must be a legal adult with no substantial criminal record.

If you don’t meet requirements in one state, you may be able to meet them in another. You can get your license in the other state and it may be valid in your home state. See if there are any residency requirements that prevent you from doing this.

Get Educated

You must take courses that educate you on good real estate practices. You must know how to inspect, sell, and manage a property.

Some states let you take online classes or go to community colleges for lessons. Others allow you to use college courses to satisfy a requirement.

You may need to pass exams in your courses in order to gain approval from your state’s board. Be diligent in your coursework and take extensive notes.

Take the Realtor’s License Test

Your courses will give you information on how to prepare for the licensing exam itself. You can take the test for your real estate license online.

The first portion covers general principles and practices. Most state exams include similar questions, so you can take practice tests for other states. You will then complete a second portion about your state’s particular laws.

The test is in a multiple-choice format. But you must receive a passing grade on each individual section. You may retake the test after you study again and wait a period of time.

Apply for the License

You can submit an application once you pass. You must complete a few documents and pay several fees to your state’s real estate board.

Once your application goes through, you can receive your real estate license. Your information will be available for a real estate license lookup, so be mindful of that.

How to Get a Real Estate License

Getting a realtor’s license is a great career move. In order to apply for one, you must meet many stipulations. You need to have a high school education at a minimum.

You must also take prelicensing classes. You must learn general principles for realtors and then how to put them into practice.

You can then take a realtor’s test. Once you pass both parts of the test, you can submit your final application to your state board.

Start your preparation for the exam today. Follow our coverage for informative real estate guides.

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