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Various Wood & Timber for Furniture Making

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There are more than thousands of species of trees in the world that have wood with different characteristics according to weather, soil type, altitude (above sea level), and other factors. Due to these factors, some of these species have been used in furniture manufacturing for many years. The most important of these are the resistance of wood to water and air humidity, physical impact, heat, deformation over time, insecticide and strength, density, different textures, beauty, and so on. One of the most contributing factors is their leaf shape.

One of the methods of classifying wood in the furniture and woodworking industry is based on the shape of the leaves of the trees. In this way, the wood is divided into two types of conifers and broad leaves. In furniture manufacturing, you can use either of those timbers based on the texture or price, if you want to see how the finish products look like visit Greenhouse Decor stands for plants.

The most common use of wood in woodworking is for deciduous trees. These types of trees include ebony, acacia, mahogany, maple, oak, alder, sycamore, beech, mulch, walnut, poplar, hornbeam.

In the following, we will briefly describe the types of wood widely used in the furniture industry:

  • Beechwood

The original name of this beech wood is Fagus Orientalis, which is also known as beech. Raw beech wood is relatively red (similar to the skin color of a sunburned person).

Due to its strength, resistance, and homogeneous texture, along with its beautiful appearance with regular and continuous veins, this wood is widely used in the production of tables, chairs and furniture in decoration.

  • Mulch wood

The original name of this mulberry wood is Ulmos, which is known as elm in the industry. It belongs to the elm tree family. The appearance of this wood is very beautiful due to the large veins in it. The strength and degree of hardness of this wood are moderate, but due to its beautiful appearance, it is widely used in the production of decorative products.

  • Walnut wood

The original name of this walnut wood is juglans Regia, which is known as walnut. He is from the Rush family. It is relatively dark in color and has a fine texture. It is considered semi-heavy and semi-hardwood and has high strength. Anything furniture made of Walnut consider being a luxury and designer piece as its price is much higher than other wood species, if you want to compare prices for Walnut and Oak see these designer timber furniture products.

  • Oak

The original name of this oak is Quercus pedunculate, which is known as oak. This tree also belongs to the beech family. Oaktree has a long life and has very high durability against wear and corrosion. It is made of semi-heavy and semi-hard woods and has a coarse texture that doubles the beauty of the decoration product. This wood is widely used in the production of flooring due to its high durability against wear and corrosion.

  • Hornbeam wood

The original name of this hornbeam tree is Carpinus betulus, which is also known as hornbeam. This tree belongs to the Tuscan family. This wood has good resistance to impact and abrasion. Its color is light and it is considered as hard and semi-heavy wood.

  • Pinewood (fir, Russian, white)

The main name of fir wood is abies pectinate, which is known in the Iranian market as whitewood (because of its color) and Russian wood (because of its import from Russia). This wood cracks less during the drying process. The soft material of this wood has advantages and disadvantages. Its advantages are easier nailing, easier sanding, better ductility, etc., and its disadvantages are less resistance than other woods.

  • Mahogany wood (acacia)

The original name of the acacia wood is Swietenia Mahagoni or khaya Ivorensis, which is of both American and African species. In the Iranian market, the African type of this wood is common. Due to its beautiful appearance and properties, this wood is the most used in the production of expensive veneers. This wood is used to produce upholstery, sofas and chairs. Other uses for this wood include the production of yachts and yachts.

  • Ebony wood

The original name of this ebony wood is diospyros spp, which is also known as ebony. This wood has a different variety of colors and due to its beauty is used in the production of furniture and decoration and the production of musical instruments such as pianos.

  • Cherry wood

Cherry wood is one of the native woods of northern Iran and Iran ranks third in the production and export of this wood. This beautiful wood is mostly used for small decorations and inlays. Another use of this wood is to produce some musical instruments. Making a bookshelf or a shelving unit out of cherry wood can be an fantastic job

  • Van stick (sparrow tongue)

The original name of the van or sparrow tongue is Fraxinus excelsior, also known as Ash. This wood is hard and heavy. The impact resistance of this wood has made it a good choice in cases such as airplanes, tennis rackets, canes and inlays.

  • Boxwood

The original name of this boxwood is Buxus sempervirens. Unfortunately, it is an endangered species and therefore its extinction has decreased. Wood is hard and heavy and it is very difficult to work with. Uses of this wood are sculpture, woodcarving, carpentry, boat building, etc.

  • Alder wood

Alder wood is also one of the most widely used woods in the decor industry. This type of wood is made of hard wood. Uniform and integrated color and texture and good flexibility of this wood have become the reason for the welcome of alder wood in the decor industry.

Alder wood

All of these woods have to go through different processes according to their properties to be used in wood products. Processes such as tree cutting, cutting in different dimensions, drying, moving and transferring, carpentry and shaping, polishing and sanding, substructure and putty, painting and polyester spraying.

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