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Things to Consider When Painting Your House Exterior

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To recoat the exterior part of the house is an important project that every homeowner needs to plan well because this is the first thing that visitors and passerby’s see which means that it adds beauty and value to your property. Because of this, you have to set time for the house painting preparation and start your project when everything is ready. This task is not simply about using a paintbrush and start painting which actually sounds like you will play and have fun under the sun.

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It is more than that because you have factors to greatly consider and these are the things that can greatly affect the output so let’s say that we should take this seriously. If we can hire a professional painter, then that would be great since he surely knows what to do in different situations because he is exposed to this type of job. But for a layman or a homeowner who would like to do this personally, you have to be prepared for it by planning when to paint, deciding on the color, and buying the right materials.

The exterior of the house is one of your assets that’s why it has to look clean at all times and it would be an advantage, especially when you are planning to sell it in the future. Let’s say that it is one of the reasons why you would like to recoat it and so you have to do well to make sure that it can attract potential buyers. In some cases, the coat is just too old and has started to crack and peel off so you need to repaint it to look presentable again.


When you are painting, you have to do it the right way. You have to start at the top and going down. If possible, apply this way always.

Following this pattern will save you from drips. And do not forget to put old newspapers on the floor to avoid stains on the flooring. You may also use tapes on the ceiling and remove them after drying the paint so that you cannot mess up the ceiling’s coat or material.


Basically, you need a high-quality primer as the base coat which means that this would be your first coat – read from https://www.ehow.com/info_12063378_can-substitute-paint-primer-dry-wall.html to know what you can substitute with a primer. This is an old rule that is still applicable today, even if there is already a more advanced paint that is already mixed with a primer. However, this may be costly so you have to check how much it will cost you and see where you can save since a wider surface will surely need more cans.

After applying the primer, you need to let it dry and this will just take an hour or two. While waiting, prepare the second coating by putting it all together with the content of each can in the mixing container or you may combine two colors as well. Others prefer to buy gallons where they do not need to transfer the paint and it is also cheaper to buy bigger containers.

If you still have paint left, then make sure to seal it tightly so that it won’t get dry. You also need to use a liquid substance like thinner to clean the paintbrush because when you leave it without cleaning then you can’t use the brush or rolling brush again. It would be great to leave it in a container with thinner to preserve its smooth strands.


Is it the right time of the year? It would be difficult to coat when you know that it is continuously raining and snowing. I supposed even professionals will not choose a season that would make it difficult to dry the wall, roof, gate, pathways, or stairs.

Remember that the painted surface needs to get dry so the humidity must be lower and there should not be rains. In this way, you can accomplish this project. Therefore, be very attentive to the weather condition in your area.


If you would like to keep the value of your house, then you better polish the exterior with high-quality paint. Don’t even try to choose the cheapest one just because you can save more from it. Later on, you will realize that you are even spending more since the coat won’t last long.

Remember that when the quality is low, it can easily peel off and fade. Of course, you won’t be happy with that so you need to repaint it and that would be costly.


Do you think that after purchasing a bucket of paint, you will start applying it right away? The first step is to clean the surface of the wall so you have to sand it to remove the existing or the old color – explore this site to learn more about cleaning surfaces. In this way, you can slide the usual brush or rolling brush with ease and comfort.

Keep in mind that not even the most expensive brands can adhere to dirty surfaces, especially when it is too rough. Therefore, you have to use sandpaper to scrape off the rough parts as well as the old peeling off coat. Doing this will make the surface more solid.

By the way, if the surface is made of wood and it is rotten, then coating it won’t work. You may replace this first, trim it, or use a hardener with fillers to stop it from deteriorating. You better fix this issue before painting the rotten portion.


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