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The Brief Guide That Makes Preparing for a Move Simple

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There’s a comprehensive list of tasks to complete when preparing for a move if you want to do it right. We understand this might be daunting!

However, if you don’t commit to these tasks, you might end up with a whole lot of unnecessary stress that you could have avoided with ease. And, with the appropriate planning, you’ll be in a better position to enjoy the moving process.

Here is a brief guide to help you come to grips with the moving preparation process. Take note of all these tips, and you should feel much more confident in tackling the critical factors you need to face when moving homes.

Keep a Dedicated Notebook

The first key step to getting organized is to use a notebook or folder beside your usual schedule. This should include anything from to-do lists to financial receipts and breakdowns to make your moving process more manageable.

Use page dividers or post-it notes to make it easier to find the areas you need to read. Also, having leaflet pockets or holders to put in crucial documents for easy removal is a good idea if you’re using a binder.

You can add any reminders or detailed notes about where you pack particular items for your relocation in your folder. Later, you will be so pleased you kept track of things!

Estimate Your Moving Costs

Before you begin your moving preparations, you must first determine how much you want to spend on the move so that you can stick to your budget.

There are several costs to consider whether you engage professional assistance or relocate on your own. Everything has a cost, which may easily pile up if not budgeted well.

It may also be an opportunity for you to discover whether the company you work for will cover any charges and the amount they’ll provide. Remember to save your receipts, since you may be eligible for government subsidies and tax discounts.

Change Your Address

Make a list of all the critical organizations, utilities, and individuals you’ll have to contact before moving on a page in your notebook.

Also, it’s a good idea to delay less-essential appointments to the next day after the move. This will reduce a lot of stress on moving day and utility workers treading over each other’s toes as you get settled at your new place.

Before you depart, be sure to notify your dentist, doctor, school, and childcare if applicable. Many professionals can refer you to others in your new location.

Stock Up On Free Moving Essentials

If you’re on a tight budget, you should try to save money everywhere you can; stocking up with free packing materials is one of the easiest ways to do this.

Visit the local store or supermarket to see if they have any various-sized boxes that you can take for free. Don’t forget the smaller boxes too, as they are great for keeping your valuables inside.

Hiring a Moving Company

Consider hiring a moving company to save a significant amount of time, effort, and stress throughout your relocation. If you have many bulky items and furniture to take over a long distance, it makes sense to get in touch with professionals.

However, ensure you shop around and ask for quotes from various moving companies. You might be surprised at the range of charges different companies will quote you.

Also, don’t think the most affordable movers will be the best for you. Figure out what your specific moving needs are and how the company can meet them. For example, if you are moving to a tenth-story apartment, you’ll want a team with experience moving for apartment living.

An excellent way to understand a moving company’s reputation is to check out independent online reviews. And before you go with any professional movers, make sure to check if their insurance is good enough to cover everything you are moving with them.

Are you moving to another state? If so, you need to establish whether the movers have a license in the state you are moving to.

Get Help From Family and Friends

You may be hiring expert movers for the moving day. Yet, having family and friends and family come and help your prepare for the moving day can help you out a lot. It’s a good idea to plan ahead of time how you’ll make the most of their assistance.

They may even be able to help you on the day of the move. Choose a weekend day to move when family and friends might have their days off to make this more possible.

Of course, if you’re asking people to come and help, it’s a nice idea to give them a little incentive or two. A couple of ice-cold beers and pizza slices always seem to do the trick!

Furthermore, for anyone who has been served 3 days notice from their landlord for eviction purposes, friends and family can be a great help!

Prepare Your New Home for the Move

Suppose you have the time to enter and start work on your new home before the move; schedule some time to do so. After all, getting used to a new home and arranging it how you like will take some time and effort.

It may be that you want to clean the place thoroughly before you move in. And the perfect time to do this is when your new place is empty. While you’re at it, you could paint some walls that you feel need touching up, too.

Preparing for a Move Made Easy

Preparing for a move can be straightforward if you give yourself enough time to cover all your bases. Having a notebook or folder is crucial to keep yourself organized and less stressed throughout the process.

So good luck with your move, and thanks for reading! If you found this post useful, please consider checking out our blog for more tips and advice.

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