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Roof Replacement: Your Essential Guide

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A new roof can set you back about $20,000 or more. Rood replacement is a major home improvement project that can eat up a homeowner’s budget in a short amount of time.

So with all that money on the line, how do you know when you need to start considering a roof replacement?

During a roof inspection, there are a number of factors that could signal the need for a new roof. Many of these are less obvious than a drip or discoloration of your ceilings.

However, if water is getting into your home, or you can see daylight coming in between your rafters, call a roof replacement company now. Don’t wait. 

Otherwise, keep reading for a guide to a new roof and what you can expect.

Roof Replacement Indicators

A broken roof has some telltale signs, and one of the more obvious ones is algae growth and missing shingles.

If you have algae growing on your roof or other plant life, your shingles are taking some damage. This is particularly a problem if you’ve used low-cost shingles that use a limestone composite as the main ingredient. 

Most homes will lose a few shingles over time if they are subjected to serious storms throughout the year. However, when you start to see large sections of missing or loose shingles, you should consider a new roof.

Other troubling signs include:

  • Curling or buckling shingles
  • Excess shingle granulates in your gutters
  • And moisture or mold in your attic or roof’s crawlspace

Most roofs have anywhere to a 10- to 20-year lifespan. If you have recently purchased the home, make sure to check your home inspection for the amount of time they estimated the roof would last or its condition.

As stated above, a roof replacement is an expensive proposition, so you’ll want to start thinking about budgeting for it if you can, a year or two in advance. To get a local estimate, go to a licensed contractor’s website. Here’s an example. Check it out.

What’s in the System?

While there are many potential parts of a roof, from flashing to vents, the main elements are a leak-proof barrier, a synthetic deck protector, shingle strips, and the shingles themselves.

About 40% of the cost of your new roof is in materials, and the rest is labor. One big factor to the cost of your roof is if you need to replace the plywood that the wholes system rests on. Unfortunately, lumber prices have spiked across the nation recently, so this can add thousands of dollars to your roof replacement.

The barriers that are installed protect the plywood from moisture. The shingles act as an impermeable barrier to water and weather, and the shingle strips hold the shingles in place and prevent them from blowing away. 

Benefits of a New Roof

Besides the protection from wind, rain, and snow, fixing a broken roof can also lead to financial benefits. You should see a reduction in your heating and cooling bills after your roof is finished. If you are not, make sure your home is properly insulated and vented.

You’ll also reap a financial reward if you plan to sell your home. A new roof is not as head-turning as granite countertops, but prospective homeowners always ask how old the roof is. Many buyers don’t want the headache of a roof replacement after closing on a new home. Not to mention a new roof has great curb appeal. 

Make the Call

While there are many factors to consider when contemplating a roof replacement, you shouldn’t leave the process up to chance.

Do your research on contractors before you reach out for an estimate. Make sure the company has a long track record of good reviews in your area and that they send out a representative before giving you a quote over the phone.

Lastly, be wary of roofing companies that knock on your door after a storm. Trustworthy roofers are usually in demand and don’t have to go from house to house for business.

Did you find this article helpful? Search this website for more on construction and home maintenance tips. 


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