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Wood vs. Steel Garage Doors: The Pros and Cons of Each

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A garage is a functional and practical addition to any home. But aesthetics matter too.

In fact, new rolling steel doors Charleroi, PA have a huge impact on the appearance of your house. While landscaping, architectural features, and paint colors all contribute to your home’s character, nothing increases that all-important curb appeal like garage doors can. And, with as much as a 153 percent return on investment, this is a smart home improvement move that more than pays for itself.

But should you choose wooden or steel doors for your garage makeover? Keep reading to learn the pros and cons of both.

Advantages of Steel Garage Doors

Steel is a popular choice for residential and commercial garage doors alike, not least because of these pros:

  • More Economical – While some steel doors can be expensive, there are plenty of low-budget options too
  • Durability – Steel garage doors are durable and able to withstand most outside weather conditions
  • Low Maintenance – The durability of steel doors plus their protective coat of paint ensure that they don’t need a lot of maintenance

Disadvantages of Steel Garage Doors

While there are plenty of advantages to steel garage doors, this material has its cons:

  • Limited Choice – Mass-produced steel doors are limited on size and customizability
  • Low Energy Efficiency – Steel doors are inefficient at maintaining a barrier between the inside and outside of your garage. As such, insulating them is a must
  • Show Imperfections – Although durable, steel doors are easy to dent and can end up looking unsightly

Advantages of Wooden Garage Doors

Homeowners who choose wooden doors tend to place more importance on these key advantages:

  • Aesthetic Appeal – By far the main advantage of a wooden garage door is the look and feel this elegant and luxurious option
  • More Customizable – Unlike mass-produced steel garage doors, wooden doors have a one-of-a-kind appeal that brings the charm of yesteryear to your home’s exterior, and they also come in a wider range of sizes and shapes
  • Better Insulated – Although it’s wise to add insulation to wooden garage doors, they do offer better insulation and sound-proofing than steel doors

Disadvantages of Wooden Garage Doors

Although wooden doors were once the standard material for garages, they’re a less popular choice for modern homes due to these disadvantages:

  • Greater Expense – Wooden doors tend to be more expensive than steel doors due to their exclusivity and range of customizable options
  • High Maintenance – Since they are more susceptible to damage from outside elements, wooden doors require more maintenance
  • Heavier Load – Your automatic garage door opener will have to work harder to lift wooden doors than steel ones

Deciding Between Wooden and Steel Doors 

With pros and cons for both materials, the right new door option for you depends on your priorities.

Steel doors are a winning choice if you’re looking for a low-maintenance, economical home remodeling project. But if aesthetics and customization are more important to you, wooden garage doors are the clear winners when it comes to adding a unique touch to your home’s curb appeal.

Home maintenance is a big job, and we’re here to help. Be sure to check out more of our great home and lifestyle blog posts today!

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