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Plumbing vs. Electrical: How Do They Compare?

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Did you know that in 2021, there were 845,000 electricians employed in the US? In contrast, there were 587,000 employed plumbers, pipefitters, and steamfitters. That’s a considerable difference of 258,000!

That doesn’t mean electricians are more crucial than plumbers. On the contrary, governments regard both as essential workers.

But what exactly sets plumbing vs. electrical workers apart, though? And when do you need to hire one over the other?

This guide covers when to hire a pro for plumbing services vs. electrical work, so read on.

What Plumbing vs. Electrical Workers Do

Plumbing professionals install pipes and fittings that deliver water and gas to consumers. They also maintain and fix these systems to ensure they don’t leak and cause property damage.

On the other hand, electricians install electrical systems, wires, equipment, and fixtures. They also repair and maintain all the components that comprise electrical systems.

When to Call a Plumber

Call a plumber if you have multiple clogged drains (sink or floor) and toilets. Do the same if your house smells like the sewers (i.e., decaying or rotten egg-like odors).

Hiring a plumber is even more crucial if you see water backing up from drains and toilets. Sewage and wastewater contain millions of bacteria, many of which can cause diseases.

A burst pipe, a typical occurrence in winter, also warrants a plumber’s attention. A plumbing pro must fix or replace the ruptured pipe before you can use water again.

You should also contact a plumbing professional if your water bills keep rising. It’s even more vital if you’re sure your consumption hasn’t changed. The increase in your bills may indicate leaks in hidden or underground pipes.

Call for plumbing services if your kitchen smells like rotten eggs and you use natural gas at home. The foul odors may be coming from a gas leak, which, at high concentrations, can be a health danger.

If allowed to build up to excessive levels in an enclosed space, the gas can also explode.

When to Call an Electrician

Call an electrician if you need to install appliances such as an air conditioner or ceiling fans. Such a professional can ensure your current electrical system can accommodate new electronics.

It’s also wise to schedule electrical services if your circuit breakers keep tripping. That can indicate a problem with your system, such as overloaded or shorting circuits.

Likewise, hire an electrician if you have home improvement plans involving room additions. The new room needs electrical wiring, outlets, and switches. However, your current service panel may not be able to accommodate new connections.

Thus, it pays to have an electrician inspect your system first and, from there, perhaps upgrade it.

Always Hire a Licensed Plumber or Electrician

And there you have it, the guide comparing plumbing vs. electrical workers and what they can do for you. Just remember that plumbers do work on gas and water lines. On the other hand, electricians work on electrical wires and systems.

Either way, always hire a licensed plumbing or electrical worker. That can help ensure you work only with trained, experienced, and insured professionals.

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