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How to Design Homes Like a Professional Architect

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Your home is your castle. Others might be satisfied with modular or pre-built homes (they are usually much cheaper, after all) yet you long for something more personal. More artistic.

Your dream home will have features that no other home possesses. It will speak to your creative impulses and spark inspiration in those that view it!

However, before you get too carried away with lofty (but impractical) ideals about how your home will look, let’s take a moment to think like the professionals in the field.

This guide will show you how to design homes that have personality, look beautiful, and stand the test of time. Or, how to design like an architect.

Remember: Extra Hours of Planning Saves Money

When you design a custom home, it’s easy to feel bogged down by the endless scrapped plans, tossed-out ideas, and slow-as-molasses computer renders. However, all the extra hours you spend planning your dream home before beginning construction will translate into better long-term outcomes.

It’s a lot easier to tear down a wall in a CAD software program than it is to demolish one after it’s built.

Know Your Local Building Codes Back to Front

When you start studying how to design homes, you learn very quickly how important bureaucracy is to the process. No matter where you live, there are strict building codes that determine how every home builder does their job.

From wiring to plumbing to even the location of your home, these restrictions determine how your custom home can be built. Ignore these codes at your own legal peril.

Think Practical, Not Aspirational

Even after calling a professional architect like those at https://home-solutionsllc.com/ in for assistance, many people still look at their dream home as an aspirational project. Don’t forget that you’re supposed to live in this space as well while you design.

It’s all well and good to design a home with large, airy windows, high ceilings, and gargantuan rooms when you’re looking at a computer screen. However, if cleaning all of that space (or hiring someone to clean and maintain it for you) is too much for you to handle, you no longer have a comfortable home.

Instead, you have an art installation that cost several hundred thousand dollars to build.

Choose Your Floor Plan Wisely

Piggybacking off the last point, you need to choose your floor plan early on in the process. Your home builder team can construct the frame of the house from that early decision.

However, make sure you choose well. It’s not easy to close off an open floor plan. Harder still to open up walls on a closed floor plan.

Want to Learn More About How to Design Homes Like a Pro?

Learning how to design homes like a professional architect can get tricky. You have to consider not only your aesthetic sense but the practical concerns of the home you want to build as well.

If reading over this list of considerations didn’t daunt you, and you’d like to learn more about professional home design, check out our other DIY articles.

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