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Nelson Partners Briefly Talks About the Past and Present Landscape of Student Housing

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Students today look at a lot more than just what academic programs are offered by a school or college prior to getting enrolled. They often take a keen interest in understanding what type of a life shall they be living if they opt to attend a certain university, and hence look closely at the on and off campus housing options present at a region. A good number of students now prefer to live at comfortable purpose build student accommodations developed and managed by companies like Nelson Partners.

There has been a shift in the student priorities over the years in regards to the aspects they take into consideration while getting enrolled into a college or university, which has subsequently impacted the student housing trends.  The situation in the past used to be pretty different as students had fairly low expectations for student housing. Traditionally, students simply expected modest rooms either on or off campus, which were available at prices they could afford. These rooms weren’t too spacious, and students had to often live in a cramped space with two or three roommates. Hence, they did most of their activities outside their living area.  Dining used to take place in dining halls, and studying was done at the library. Amenities available at both on and off campus housing projects in the past were extremely limited.  Back then, students just had access to basic common rooms featuring televisions and seating areas, along with a standard gym and swimming pool. Many off campus apartments didn’t even have such facilities, as they were not constructed with the students in mind.

Coming to the modern times, student housing projects have become a lot more comfortable, feature packed and luxurious, especially the ones developed by leading real estate companies like Nelson Partners. Hence, students no longer dread moving away from home and starting off their college life.  A lot of off campus student housing facilities comes with resort-style amenities nowadays, including spacious fitness centers, yoga studios, spas and saunas, pools with covered cabanas and lounging chairs, and more.  One can also find basketball and tension courts in some of them. Real estate developers specializing in student housing have also started to include more communal spaces in their projects for residents to socialize together, such as snack bars and coffee shops.

Students today try to find accommodations having vast study spaces, plenty of storage space, and large bathrooms. Having easy access to a washer and dryer is also important to them. Hence, modern student housing projects are generally developed keeping these elements in mind. Students of today are also more eco-conscious than previous generations, and hence favor accommodations that includes green features like eco-friendly lighting. Many of these eco-friendly features help students to reduce their energy usage and boasts of technologically forward-thinking.  Elements like bamboo and reclaimed wood can also be found in the design of many student housing projects today.

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