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3 Tips for Better Video Surveillance of Your Property

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Did you know that there were more than 1.1 billion burglaries in the United States in 2019?

This was a decrease from the year before, which is concerning because you want to keep your family and home safe.

If you have surveillance cameras but are concerned about flaws, there are a few tips to help.

Continue reading to discover the most effective methods for improving outdoor video surveillance!

  1. Brighten the Yard

One of the most effective ways to improve video surveillance is to brighten up the yard.

A surveillance video won’t be much assistance if all of the footage is dark and you can’t identify anything. Many people recommend using motion sensor lights to help keep unwanted intruders. The best places to install lights are in dark corners, access points, and at the main doors of the house.

If you are concerned about your electricity bill increasing, solar lights are an excellent option for outside. LED and mood lighting is also a great way to light up your yard and home so that you deter burglars and get quality imaging on the camera.

  1. Avoid Dead Spots 

If you know about home security, then you know that a common problem people face is dead spots.

Dead spots are locations where the video surveillance system can’t reach. Around corners, against the house, and behind items are frequent locations for these dead spots. The best way to test for these is to have some, or yourself, walk in the camera’s range and identify areas where you can’t be seen.

Some people try to block off areas where the cameras can’t reach to ensure that no one will break-in. You might need to get help from a family member or friend to do this, just be sure that you trust them.

  1. Manage Landscaping 

Are the plants, trees, and grass growing in your yard and creating dead spots for your camera?

It is common for people to realize that their landscaping is contributing to poor footage on surveillance cameras. When you don’t take care of your landscaping, it can create hidden spots that the camera can’t reach, which makes them vulnerable.

Hiring a landscaping company can help if you don’t have the time for yard work. The best tip for getting better surveillance is to keep your landscaping simple so that it is easy to maintain and won’t get in the way.

If you are installing your camera in the fall or winter, keep in mind that you might have to make adjustments once the trees start growing leaves again.

Improve Your Video Surveillance Today

Many people are using video surveillance to monitor their homes and families.

Positioning your camera in the right place is important, but sometimes it can be difficult to know what you are up against. By adding lights to the yard and keeping the lawn and plants under control, you can improve the image.

Don’t forget to test your video surveillance cameras for dead spots so that nothing gets past you.

Be sure to check out our blog for more articles about video surveillance cameras and how to protect your home!

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