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Insulate the floor of your home to prevent heat loss

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Isolating the floor of your home for comfort, financial or environmental reasons are an intelligent solution that has many advantages. Whether your floor is above an accessible, non-accessible crawl space or unheated room, good quality Deck renovation floor insulation is possible. Following are the benefits of isolating the floor.

Insulate the floor of your home to prevent heat loss

Contrary to popular belief, it is important not only to focus on wall and window insulation when undertaking energy efficiency work for Deck renovation. To prevent your home from becoming a heat sieve, prioritizing floor insulation is one of the major points to consider when building or renovating your living space. To reduce floor heating, use floor insulation which can save up to 10% heat.

Floor insulation to save on your bills

Insulating your floor saves money on your heating bills. By reducing energy expenditure, it is logical to reduce the expenses incurred to heat your home (gas, fuel oil, wood, electricity, etc.). The profitability of your work will be measured quickly over time: an energy renovation project becomes profitable when the costs related to the financing of these projects are offset by reducing the energy bill. This is the case for soil insulation.

Insulate your soil to gain comfort in your home

Optimize the comfort of your living space by opting for the insulation of the ground. By insulating your soil, they will be less in direct contact with low temperatures since the cold air rises. Hence, you will be warmer in the winter and your feet will make you feel good.

The climate inside your home will be healthier and the degrees will be better distributed. In summer, heat will be avoided and temperatures will be more homogeneous. You can also save money on your bills by switching from air conditioning. Finally, isolating the floor of your home avoids rising damp and thus preserving the paintings and materials of your home. You have to know that a well-insulated home is getting older!

In short, soil insulation is a bonus in well-being that increases living conditions daily.

Increase in real estate value 

Energy renovation and upgrading are nowadays significant arguments in the sale or rental of your property. By insulating your soil, your home will get more market and rental value. A better ranking on the label of energy performance diagnosis (EPD) leads to an increase in its value: changing a letter on the energy label gives the building a 10% additional value.

 Do Good to the planet by focusing on soil insulation

It is an argument that will resonate among the most concerned of the planet. Soil insulation is an ecological and sustainable gesture. By contributing to the preservation of the environment you also participate in the preservation of its resources. Properly insulating the floor of your home is also a step to avoid consuming energy. It is, therefore, a gesture for the planet and a stone in the building in the fight against greenhouse gases and the emission of CO2.


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