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Effective Choices for the Sprinkler Repairing

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Automatic watering promotes better irrigation and more continuous control of the volume of water discharged. In reality, it is the provision of an optimal amount of water through an automated feeder. The use of this technique is common in the watering of lawns and lawns, as well as for gardens and vegetable gardens.

There are three automatic watering methods you can use to water your plants at home. However, these techniques will have to be adapted according to the shape of your garden, its area and your plants. In any case, the use of a watering programmer will be necessary. With the sprinkler repair arlington this is the best option now.

Sprinkler watering

  • Sprinkler watering is the same pattern as when it is raining. We then attend a show of projection of water from a fixed point.
  • To succeed this technique, simply put sprinklers on a pipe. There are usually four distinct forms. Thus, you can choose them according to your needs, the surface to be irrigated or the shape of the garden.
  • The barrel sprinkler is used to cover long stretches. It will be more suitable if your garden extends over several hectares. The jets of cannon cover an average of 500 m².
  • The oscillating boom method is ideal for overcoming low and annual plants. It is about several jets arranged in line on a device, and intended to oscillate ostensibly from left to right.
  • If it is more a question of the maintenance and the well-being of the plants, the rotary sprinkler is the most adapted. It projects softer jets than those of the gun in order to preserve the life of these.
  • As for the static sprinkler, it is used to cover smaller spaces.

Drip irrigation

This type of watering is still called micro-sprinkler irrigation. The micro-spraying technique does not move too far from the spraying process by means of a rotary sprinkler. It is ideal for watering the most fragile plants.

  • The drip system promotes watering to the nearest millimeter, at low pressure to preserve the sensitive nature of some small plants such as lavender. The gardener can thus, by means of a regulating valve, adapt the drippers to the types of plants and their needs.
  • Furthermore, this watering technique may well also be suitable for large spaces, since it is possible to adjust the force of the jet.

Buried watering

This technique of irrigation by micro-irrigation consists of putting underground turbines or nozzles intended to moisten a more or less extensive surface of ground. The turbines have a jet force of up to 10 meters, while that of the nozzles does not exceed 4.50 meters. This is the most commonly used automatic watering method for the irrigation of large areas, for example for market gardening campaigns.

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