Home Cleaning Quick Tips: Here’s How To Properly Clean Your Dryer Lint Trap

Quick Tips: Here’s How To Properly Clean Your Dryer Lint Trap

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Don’t be alarmed, but the most common cause of dryer fires is dirty lint traps. Laundry is often a chore not many people enjoy which leads to most skipping certain safety steps such as cleaning the lint trap regularly just to get laundry day over and done with. While there’s no harm in skipping this step once, allowing lint to build-up can cause serious damage to the machine and increase the risk of accidental fires.

The next time you do laundry, just follow these helpful tips and the lint trap will be clean as a whistle and pose less of a fire risk:

Tip 1: Regular Cleaning

The lint trap is usually located inside a little screen at the very front of the dryer. It takes very little effort to remove from its position which makes taking out the excess lint a simple task. Once the lint is removed, dispose of it in the trash. Do this every time you start a new load to avoid excessive lint build-up.

Pro tip: dryer sheets can get stuck on the screen, making the machine less effective. Aside from routinely removing lint from the trap also wash the screen at least twice a year. This will ensure the dryer’s efficiency is not compromised.

Tip 2: Clean The Vents Too

Aside from the lint trap screen itself, it is also a must to clean out the dryer vents. Of course, dryer vent cleaning companies will do this for you in a jiffy, but DIY cleaning also helps. Simply locate the hose that connects the trap to the external part of your house and use a vacuum to remove the excess lint.

This is an important tip because clogged vents can also lead to an inefficient dryer, or worse the dreaded dryer fire because heat cannot escape properly through the vents.

Tip 3: Don’t Forget The Outside

If you really want to make sure the dryer is running at its maximum capacity, find the location of the vent outside. There is a good chance that excess lint and dust is also clogging up the vent exit. A quick vacuum will solve this matter right away.

Tip 4: Hire The Pros!

Of course, most of us don’t have all the time in the world to vacuum the dryer vent and its exit. If you don’t have the time or patience to clean the lint trap and the rest of the dryer, hire dryer vent cleaning companies to do the job. They have the necessary skills and training to ensure your dryer is 100% lint-free and working at full capacity.

Pro tip: Just remember to schedule professional dryer cleaning regularly. Although they do an immaculate cleaning job, lint will still build up and cause a lot of problems when the trap isn’t cleared regularly.

Lint-Free Dryers Are Beneficial

Clean lint traps and vents will help you cut back on your energy consumption while also reducing the likelihood of a dryer fire. If you haven’t emptied the trap recently, check on it today!

Not all dryer vent cleaning companies provide the same top-quality service. If you need the job done properly the first time, contact JCS Home Services today.


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