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How to Choose the Best Vacuum Oven?

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The common vacuum technology used in all the vacuum ovens is emptying the vessel through heat treating processes. This allows the vessel to prevent reactions in the surface and promote heat treating such as decarburization and oxidation, removing surface contaminations like residual particles of lubricants and oxide films, adding a substance to the layer of the surface, do degassing and remove dissolved contaminating substances. The vacuum ovens are made out of several types of refractory or high-temperature materials to sustain the heat and hold the heating materials intact which sometimes takes months. Contact the LeDab Canada for the most appropriate vacuum oven for serving your purpose.

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There are a few parameters to consider determining the best and appropriate vacuum oven. The ranges of temperature and the ranges of pressure and capacity are central in determining the types and functions of a vacuum oven. The temperature rate refers to the maximum temperature which can keep the unit run and maintain better performance. The range of pressure and capacity refers to the pressure and capacity of the unit’s heated interior space. The ranges of the vacuum vary from low to medium, high and ultra-high vacuum and elevated pressures.

The general configuration of vacuum ovens includes cabinet or bench, muffle or tube, walk-in or truck-in and vertical. The muffle or tube configuration of the vacuum oven uses indirect heating. The indirect heating is to keep the material in the refractory container and heated for outside. The cabinet or bench ovens are basically smaller in size and mounted on integral stands. These ovens commonly known as batch ovens are more appropriate for the processing of materials in single batches. The vertical oven are generally verticals instead of horizontals and is normally space-saving devices requiring greater height clearances. The truck-in or walk-in vacuum ovens are larger equipment with double doors and shelves, carts etc. These vacuum ovens are meant for larger quantities of materials for processing in a single batch.

The basic technology used in vacuum oven is resistance or electric, arc and induction. A type of arc between the metal and graphite electrodes generate heat in the arc confederation. The scrap is used as the base material in the electric arc ovens to produce alloy steel and carbon. The electric energy is exclusively used in resistance or electrically heated unit. The Steel is widely used in induction for generating heat through an alternating magnetic field.

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