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How to Choose a Bed Frame: Everything to Consider

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Suppose that you sleep as much as the average American, just under 7 hours per night. Over an average lifetime, that’s roughly 204,400 hours spent in bed.

Considering how big a chunk of time that is, you’d think we’d be inclined to make sure that we’re spending that time in comfort and style.

And yet, the trend of adults sleeping on mattresses on the floor is large enough that it’s become a bit of a running joke. Young people shopping for their own home goods for the first time often don’t know how to choose a bed frame and do without, well into adulthood.

But it’s not a great look. Certainly not a comfortable one. Let’s put a dent in this trend by going over the key points to look for in a new bed frame.

1. Know What Size You Need

The first thing that you need to decide on is the size frame that you need.

If you already have a mattress that you plan to use, then simple enough. All you need to is match it to the corresponding frame.

If you don’t know what size your mattress is, they’re are more-or-less standardized as follows:

  • Twin is 38 by 75 inches.
  • Double or Full-Size is 53 or 54 by 75 inches.
  • Queen is 60 by 80 inches.
  • King is 76 by 80 inches.
  • California king is 72 by 84 inches.

If you’re buying a new mattress along with the frame, likewise keep the measurement you’ve decided upon in mind.

2. Consider the Space that You Have to Work With

It’s important to remember that mattress size is only one part of the equation. All but the most lite frame will add to the dimensions the bed will take up.

This can prove problematic if you misestimate how much you actually have to work within your room. Be sure to keep in mind not only the room’s dimensions but account for any other furniture in the space.

3. Match Your Bed to the Room’s Style

Bed frames, like mattresses, come in a range of styles and qualities.

If economy is a priority for you, there are plenty of options at every price point. Though, as is often the case, it’s worth remembering that higher-quality choices tend to enjoy a longer lifespan and make for better investments in the long term.

They also tend to come in more diverse styles, allowing you to better decorate to suit your tastes. For example, take a look at the modern minimalist solid wood options offered by a builder like Wilbur Davis Studios.

4. Don’t Forget to Take Height Into Account

How high off the ground is mostly a matter of personal preference. That said, there are some frames built specifically with taller individuals in mind. So if that doesn’t describe you, you’ll want to be wary of that.

As a good rule of thumb, you’ll want the height to match the other furniture in the room. So if you have bedside tables, for example, measure their height and use that to help estimate how tall the frame and mattress will be in relation to their surroundings.

Figuring Out How to Choose a Bed Frame That’s Right for You

Choosing the right bed frame can make feel like a Goldilocks situation. This one’s too short, this one’s too tall, this one doesn’t fit the room, and so on.

Knowing how to choose a bed frame, then, is all about knowing the size that will be most comfortable for you and best match your housing situation. Make note of these factors in advance, and you’ll be prepared to make an informed decision.

A bed frame is just one decor improvement among many that we tend to put off, though. For more on creating a living space you’ll actually want to spend time in, be sure to keep up with all of our latest tips and guides.

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