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How to Build a Floating Deck

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Homeowners that add a deck to their home can often recoup nearly 65% of the costs, making it one of the best investments to increase your home’s value.

But you don’t have to build your standard deck to reap the benefits. There are thousands of different ways to customize a deck. For instance, think about building a floating deck!

In this guide, you’ll learn some easy steps on how to build a floating deck to help you get started. Let’s dive in.

What Is a Floating Deck?

A floating deck is a wood deck that rests on the ground and isn’t attached to a structure like your house. The deck appears to “float” on two or more sides.

It also goes by the name freestanding deck.

Building a floating deck is easier because they often don’t require a building permit if they are not more than 30 inches above adjacent grade.

This is because their structural base is not permanently fixed in the ground, unlike traditional decks. So most communities classify them as personal property instead of real estate.

But of course, you’ll want to confirm whether or not you need a permit with your local government before you begin the project.

Floating Deck Tips: How to Get Started

The first thing you need to do is clear to the ground where you will install the deck. You must do the following:

  • Remove the grass and organic material
  • Rake the ground flat and level
  • Tamp the ground

You may choose to put landscape fabric over the soil and add a layer of gravel to prevent weed growth. Deck experts, like those at Deckmastersak.com, recommend laying down a gravel layer and supporting the deck on concrete blocks.

With the land ready, you can set the concrete blocks. First, arrange them in a rectangle. Then, put a block between each pair of corner blocks. You may also add blocks in the center of the rectangle for extra strength.

Don’t forget to check the blocks are all level with each other.

Building and Installing the Frame

The next thing to do is build the frame of the deck. You can build it on a flat area of lawn, the garage floor, or the driveway. You can also build it on top of the blocks, but this is a little trickier.

When the frame is complete, place it onto the blocks. Ensure the frame is square and level. You may need to add or remove gravel beneath the blocks to keep the frame level.

Once level, you can install the remaining joists and begin installing the deck boards.

During this process, always check your measurements. You don’t want an overhang or any boards to be too short.

Answered: How to Build a Floating Deck

Now that you know how to build a floating deck, you can plan and begin your project. Using this floating deck guide, you’ll have a lovely place in your yard to entertain and relax in no time.

Looking for more DIY and home improvement project? Then check out the rest of the blog!

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