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How Much Does Tree Stump Removal Cost?

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Did you know that falling trees can cause major damage to your home or property, and can even result in injury or death? Though you may love an old tree, you might want to chop it down for the safety of your house and family.

Once you get your tree chopped down, you will need to go about removing the tree stump. You may be wondering how to remove a tree stump. Here are some facts about the process and cost of tree stump removal.

Size of the Tree Stump

The size of the tree stump can play a huge role in how much the overall tree service costs. A larger stump means more people to hire, as well as additional time, labor, and equipment that could increase expenses.

If you hire a tree stump removal service, they may use the size to determine the fee. They will measure the stump and charge per inch from the center of the tree.

Potential Property Damage

When deciding stump removal prices, a company will also examine the potential for danger while doing the work. For example, if the tree stump is near electrical or plumbing lines, it may take longer and make the process complicated.

The Tree Stump Removal Process

Removing a tree stump is not as simple as digging it up with a shovel. If a tree is very old, it has complex root systems that could stretch far below and around the stump.

The arborist or tree removal service will first dig up as many roots as they can and cut them. Once most of the roots are gone, they can lift the tree stump from the ground.

In many cases, a tree stump can be too heavy to lift. Removing a tree stump can be simpler by reducing its size with techniques such as grinding down the wood.

Average Stump Removal Cost

Even though the cost can vary wildly depending on many factors, you can still get a rough estimate of how much you will pay for stump removal rochester hills mi. Most companies have a rate of around two to five dollars per inch of tree diameter.

They will also factor in services such as stump grinding and taking the remaining tree stump away, as well as cleanup. This brings the average cost to around five hundred dollars per tree stump.

Get a Quote for Tree Stump Removal Today

If you need tree stumps removed, you should not have to worry about spending too much or having to do it yourself. With this guide to the cost of tree stump removal, you can find a company that will fit into your budget and gets the job done in no time.

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