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3 Pro Tips for Caring for Your Septic Tank

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Well over 20 million American households rely on septic tanks to deal with their wastewater rather than sending wastewater out into a public sewer system. If your home has a septic tank hooked up to it, it’s going to be very important for you to care for it properly.

If you don’t take good care of your home’s septic system, you’re going to be forced to replace it way sooner than you might like. You’re also going to run into all kinds of potentially dangerous plumbing problems when you don’t work to maintain your septic tank.

We’ve put together some tips for septic tanks that you can use to take care of yours. Check out three septic tank tips below and begin utilizing them right away.

1. Be Careful About What You Put Into Your Septic Tank

Generally speaking, the only things that should end up in your septic tank over time are water, waste, and toilet paper. If you put anything other than these things into your septic tank, it’s going to spell trouble for you.

There are some homeowners who will fill their septic tanks with things like paper towels, baby wipes, tampons, and more. A septic tank isn’t designed to deal with these things, so they’re just going to sit there until you do septic tank cleaning at some point.

2. Try Not to Use Too Much Water in Your Home and Flood Your Septic System

Everyone should try to use less water in their homes these days, regardless of whether or not they have septic systems. But you need to be especially careful about how much water you use in your home when you have a septic tank.

Your septic tank is going to fill up with all of the water that you use in your house day in and day out. So the more water that you use, the fuller your septic tank will get. You can reduce how much water you have in your septic tank by scaling back on how much water you use in your home.

3. Schedule Septic Service on a Regular Basis

When you have a home that relies on a septic tank, you’ll need to schedule septic service regularly. You should find a septic pump service that you trust and make appointments with them as necessary.

If you fail to do this, your septic tank might fill up on you and begin backing up into your home. This will put your entire septic system at risk and it could cause a big mess in the process.

Take Care of Your Home’s Septic Tank and It’ll Take Care of You

Taking care of your home’s septic tank might not be something that you want to add to the top of your to-do list. But it’s extremely important for you to maintain your septic tank at all times.

You can do it by utilizing each of the septic system tips found here. They’ll keep your septic tank up and running and prevent you from having to make unnecessary septic system repairs.

Find more tips on maintaining a septic tank by reading through some of our other great home improvement blog articles.

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