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Houston Short-Term Lease Benefits

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Short-Term Apartment Leasing

While most people enter into year-to-year lease agreements when renting a property, many landlords are offering much shorter leases, ranging from as brief as a few days to month-to-month. For traveling executives who prefer more than just a hotel, but need the flexibility of short-term living for work, it may be time to consider a month to month lease in Houston.

Short-Term Leasing Advantages

For those who need a place to stay, but without a long-term commitment, short-term leasing is perfect. Benefits for a prospective tenant include:

  • Flexibility to Relocate. The most common reason for entering a short-term (usually, month-to-month) lease is to have the freedom to move quickly. By not being bound to a lease for a year, there is no commitment to ride an extended period of time or risk an excessive penalty.
  • Reduced Notice to Move. Even with year-long leases, an early termination usually requires (depending on the state and the lease terms) 30 to 60 days of written notice to leave. When leases are by the month, vacating is as simple as submitting a 10-days’ notice to vacate.
  • Free to Look for Long-Term Housing. Should you be seeking a longer living arrangement, such as buying a home, a month-to-month lease can give a tenant a place to live for as long as needed to close on the home, but no longer than necessary.

Month-to-Month Housing Versus Extended Stay Hotels

Though most extended-stay hotels offer decent amenities, it still can feel like you are living in a hotel. Corporate apartments are designed to give you the at-home feel while offering luxuries as standard amenities to include:

  • Resort-style swimming pools
  • business centers
  • fitness facilities
  • full-size and -function kitchens including appliances and housewares (dishes, cookware, etc.)
  • HDTV, Blu-ray DVD, and basic cable
  • in-unit washing machines and dryers
  • a personal address and mailbox

Should your stay extend from a few days to a few months, the living conditions of a hotel versus a luxury apartment can affect the entire experience of the visit.




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