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How To Save Money From House Clearance In London

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Planning to clear up some space on the home for some new stuff, but worried about the cost of professional clearing? Or maybe helping clear up a deceased relative’s home, but working on a budget? Not to worry, as house clearance does not have to cost too much as you imagine it to be. Proper planning and strategy can even make this project a profitable experience. Here are some ways you can save (and maybe also earn) when clearing a home.

Plan and Sort Your Stuff

A few days before your scheduled house clearance, spend some time going over the stuff you currently have. Decide which of these items have to go to the bin, which can be sold or donated, and those staying. Be thorough and go through every room in the house, as well as the garage, backyard, shed, and garden.

It could prove to be the most challenging part of the process, especially for collectors, but an essential first step to clearing the home. If you are in doubt, there is a good rule of thumb for deciding which items stay or go. Keep in mind that items these days can be bought in stores or online for a low price.

We recommend you prepare some color-coded stickers to mark the items depending on their segregation. Having the things color-coded will make the clearing process simpler and faster, not to mention avoid throwing essential items.

Research and Sell Items Online

The internet is now an ideal marketplace for pre-loved items and a helpful tool for people clearing their homes. Different websites started to cater to online buy and sell, with even social media sites jumping in to join the bandwagon.  With proper research and the negotiating skills, house clearing can become not only a money-saver but a money-earner as well.

Here is how we recommend you do the selling process:

  1. Research – Visit various websites that sell these items to see how much they usually sell to get a selling price. Make sure you get the actual sold price rather than the current asking prices, as the latter can change anytime. For antiques or other valuables like jewelry, it is best to consult and sell the items to reliable auctions. Consult several auction houses, whether online or in person, to get an average estimate price for the item before selling.
  2. Prepare – Once all the items are well-sorted out, whip out your phone and start taking pictures of the stuff you want to sell. Prepare clear descriptions for each item for sale, as well as relevant information like defects, missing pieces, and so on. Also indicate if you deliver the items, meet up, or they pick up the article on your place.
  3. Post and Sell – Place the items on sale on the website of your choice and be prepared to answer questions from potential buyers. During this time, buyers may bargain, and it is your choice to oblige or not. Keep in mind, though, that the lower the price, the easier the sale.

Some items, like furniture, are better sold through second-hand furniture dealers than online marketplaces. Search for these types of websites and ask for prices before selling to get the best deal.

Donate to Relatives and Charities

There will be times that items for sale will not sell in time, or you choose not to sell the items for some reason. You can contact different charities to arrange a pickup of your stuff for donation. One thing to remember though is that charity shops still need to make a profit, so they will choose which items to accept. While they generally take books, cutlery, clothes, and ornaments, they avoid items like electrical appliances and furniture.

Another great way to clear your stuff is to give them to relatives, friends, and neighbors. Take pictures of your items and ask which ones they want to keep. Set a date for them to get the things, and call it a day.

Properly Dispose of Hazardous Waste

Disposal of hazardous waste, like paints, oils, and electronic appliances can cost more than the usual items with house clearance companies. And we don’t want to spend more after saving a lot from the other stuff.

One way of adequately disposing of hazardous materials is to contact the local recycling center in your area. Check on what kind of wastes they take care of before dropping by to make sure they can take your stuff.  You can also book a free collection from your local council. While it could take some time, it will save you from additional fees.

We hope that this guide to saving money on house clearance will help you with your next clearance project. The process can be tiring, but planning and research can make the job easier. You can also contact us to book a house clearance now!

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