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Cleaning Up the Garden: How Much Does It Cost to Have a Tree Removed?

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Are you looking to get rid of a tree in your yard to make way for better things? Do you feel as if your tree is beginning to die and needs to be removed? 

The number one question when someone wants to get rid of a tree is: how much does it cost to have a tree removed? You want to make sure that your tree removal is effective, yet cost-efficient as well. 

See below for an in-depth guide that highlights how much it costs to have a tree removed, what you should keep an eye out for, and so much more.

How Much Does It Cost to Have a Tree Removed?

Answering that question is like trying to answer the question “How much does it cost to buy a car?” There are simply too many variables for one cumulative answer.

It depends on the tree removal service you use. Some of them have additional fees and ways of charging their clientele.

That being said, there are four universal factors that tree stump removal companies use to determine how much your project will be. These four factors include the size of the tree, the condition of the tree, the location of the tree, and the tree’s diameter. Each affects the amount of work that needs to be done.

Sizing is an obvious factor. The bigger the tree is, the more you’ll pay. The condition of the tree can significantly affect the time it takes to cut the tree down. For example, if the tree is rotting, it will be easier to take down, thus being a cheaper service.

Location becomes a factor when the tree is near your property. This requires the tree to be carefully removed so as not to harm your house (or someone else’s property). Diameter, like the size of the tree, will drive the cost as well.

What Other Services Should I Consider?

One of the biggest misconceptions about tree removal is when people assume the professional service will perform additional tasks (such as stump removal). That’s hardly ever the case.

Whenever you reach out to inquire about tree removal, you should just assume no additional services are included. That way, it will be a happy surprise if they are.

That said, these additional services are key if you’re making way for a garden. For example, cutting down a tree does you little good without removing the stump as well. Otherwise, you haven’t made any extra space for your garden.

So, what other services should you be on the look for? Look for such tasks as:

  • Tree Stump Removal
  • Tree Trunk Removal
  • Limb Chipping
  • Log Splitting

All the factors that affect tree removal will affect the price of the tree stump removal—size, condition, location, and diameter. Be sure to have a professional take a look at the tree and give you a quote for tree removal with stump removal included.

You’ll also want to pay for limb chipping unless you intend to do it yourself. Otherwise, you could be left with a significant amount of debris on your property. 

For those of you with a fireplace, you should also take advantage of their log splitting service (if they offer it). That way, you have firewood for the foreseeable future.

Ask a Professional Tree Removal Service Questions

Cost isn’t everything. If you’re going to spend hundreds of dollars on tree removal, stump removal, and so on, you want to make sure the job is done right. 

The best way to ensure that is by contacting the professional tree service directly and asking them a few questions along the way. Here are a few to help you get started.

  • What services are included in your quote?
  • How quickly is the turnaround time for your service?
  • Do you have any previous clients I can reach out to? (references)
  • Can you give me any intel into how you play to remove my tree?
  • Do your services include cleanup? Is it factored into the quote you gave me?
  • Do you background check your employees?
  • Is your business licensed and insured?

As you can probably tell by the questions, the goal is to ensure you’re working with a trusted tree removal business. Not doing so can lead to a catastrophic situation.

For example, if you hire a service without insurance in place, you might be the one on the hook for any damage or injuries that occur.

Be sure to read this article for more questions that you should ask any professional tree removal service, as well as an explanation of each one.

Envision Your Gardening Project

What’s your end goal? After removing a tree from your yard, what do you hope to do with that extra space you’ve been provided?

We’re here to encourage you to envision that space before it happens. You’ll want to fill that space with dirt and mulch (as well as plantation) soon after the tree is removed.

For those of you considering turning this tree removal into a DIY project, don’t. It’s far safer and more efficient to leave it to the pros. Otherwise, you could risk serious injury or property damage.

Hire Professional Tree Removal Today

Now that you’ve seen an answer to your question of “how much does it cost to have a tree removed?”, you should use this information to your benefit.

Start by reaching out to a trusted tree removal company. They’ll schedule a time to come out and have a look at the tree, then give you an accurate quote.

Be sure to browse our website for more articles on tree removal, as well as other helpful topics that you will enjoy.

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