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Ouch! A Guide on the Different Spider Bite Home Remedies

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Spider bites are not very common, with only around 5000 cases in the United States each year. Only about 10% of these bites have serious consequences. Most bites don’t require a trip to the emergency room but can still be painful and cause a lot of discomfort. 

So, what can you do if a spider has bitten you? First, it’s essential to know the proper steps to take. You should also have some awesome spider bite home remedies on hand to provide you with relief from the symptoms.

Check out this comprehensive guide to home remedies. You’re sure to have one of these remedies in your home and will be able to treat yourself or a family member without a trip to the doctor.

First Things First 

If a spider has bitten you, there are a couple of steps that you should take. First of all, it’s imperative to remain calm and try not to panic. You want to keep your heart rate regular as raising your blood pressure moves the venom through your system more rapidly. 

Clean the bite with a bit of soap and water so that you can inspect it. Then raise the affected limb and apply ice to reduce the swelling. If you’ve been bitten on your leg, feet, arms, or hand, get into a comfy position with your limb raised on pillows, and an ice pack applied. 

Then, if you know that the spider that bit you isn’t going to cause a severe reaction, such as a Yellow Sac Spider, simply take an antihistamine to stave off some of the symptoms of the spider bite. 

If you’re not sure what spider bit you, or if you know that it was a very venomous spider, get to an emergency room just to be safe. 

Get Out the Baking Soda

It seems like the uses of baking soda have no limits. You can use it for baking, cleaning, science experiments…and a remedy for spider bites! It works like an anesthetic which is excellent for mild spider bites to relieve pain and itchiness. 

Make a paste out of water and baking soda using a 1:3 ratio. Smear it over the bite and leave it for five minutes before washing it off. Repeat this process several times a day. Only do this if you’re sure that the spider isn’t extremely venomous and you simply need a bit of pain relief.

Turmeric Paste for Inflammation

Have a look through your spice drawer for the bright orange and powerful spice, turmeric. Turmeric is said to have numerous health benefits, including potential anti-inflammatory properties. These properties may be beneficial in treating common spider bites. 

Again, you’ll want to create a paste, this time using olive oil. Apply it to the spider bite and let it sit for about an hour, repeating the process several times throughout the day.

Continue repeating this process until the discomfort, pain, and itchiness is manageable or gone. 

Aloe Vera Straight From the Plant 

Most people keep a tube of store-bought aloe vera in their homes to apply to sensitive, sunburnt skin. People have used aloe vera for centuries for its potent skin healing properties. If you have it in your garden, this is one of the best natural spider bite treatments. But the store-bought one will work fine, too.

Take the leaf from the plant, cut it open and apply the thick gel-like substance to the spider bite. Otherwise, put a generous blob from the tube instead. 

Potato Power

Who knew that the humble potato might be precisely what you need when one of those resident house spiders gets you? Potatoes contain anti-inflammatory and soothing properties that come in handy with insect and spider bites.

The vegetable also has moisturizing properties, which are beneficial for keeping the affected area moisturized. So, how exactly do you use potatoes to treat a spider bite? 

Grab a large potato, peel it, wash it and grate it. When you have a handful of wet potato shreds, place them into a cloth and put the potato poultice on the cleaned spider bite. Leave it there until it begins to dry, and clean the area with warm water afterward. 

Over-the-Counter Aspirin

Hold on! Before popping one or two aspirins for the pain, check this out. While it’s understandable you’d want to consume some painkillers to deal with the discomfort orally; there’s a better way to use aspirin tablets. 

Much like most of the remedies on the list, you’ll need to make a paste. Do this by soaking two tablets in a bit of water and mixing it until a paste forms. Then, apply it to the spider bite and leave it on for a few hours, washing it off with warm water. 

Why would you want to do this, though? Well, aspirin works to neutralize the venom, which encourages a speedier recovery and milder symptoms. It’s also an anti-inflammatory, so that the paste will help the swelling. 

Accessible Spider Bite Home Remedies 

Every household is bound to have access to at least one of these spider bite home remedies. If you have access to more, even better. Experiment with the different remedies to figure out what provides the best treatment and symptom relief for you.

Remember, don’t panic and seek medical attention if your symptoms get worse. 

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