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5 Reasons Why Your Refrigerator Isn’t Cooling

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Did you know that foods can become a safety risk if exposed to temperatures of 40 to 140 °Fahrenheit? In fact, this range is what you call Danger Zone. It’s an apt name, as it’s within this range that illness-causing bacteria multiply on food.

Unfortunately, if your refrigerator isn’t cooling, it can become a danger zone, too.

For that reason, it’s best to know the causes behind such refrigerator problems. We rounded up the potential culprits in this guide, so be sure to read on.

1. You’ve Overloaded It

Overloading your refrigerator can impede the airflow within. For example, large crates or stacked containers can block the air vents inside the fridge.

The thing is, those vents deliver cold air, so obstructing them can impair airflow.

When that happens, the air may have difficulty reaching the areas farthest from the vents. In units with vents along the back, the least cooled areas could be the front section, the part closest to the door. The shelves and trays by the door itself may also suffer from inadequate cooling.

So, if your refrigerator isn’t working right, one of the first things you should do is free up some space in it. Be sure nothing obstructs the air vents, either.

2. The Thermostat Setting Changed

Overstuffing your fridge can also lead to accidental thermostat changes caused by containers. For example, a large box can push or turn the thermostat dial to a lower setting.

Now, you may be thinking that a lower thermostat setting equates to a lower temperature. However, this isn’t always the case, especially not in older knobbed thermostats. In these older devices, the lower the number, the less cooling the fridge does.

Even units with external digital thermostats are prone to unintentional tweaks. For instance, you may have tapped the button for increasing the temp when you closed the fridge door.

3. The Fridge Isn’t Level

If you visit Generalappliancesvc.com, you’ll see there a list of the top Sub-Zero fridge issues. These include non-cooling refrigerator compartments, non-working freezers, and leaks under the unit. 

Those problems can affect not only Sub-Zero units but any other fridge that’s not level.

That’s because incorrect leveling affects the way the refrigerant flows within the pipes. For example, a fridge tilted too far to one side can cause the refrigerant to pool in the coils. This can then delay the cooling process, not to mention force your fridge to use more energy.

4. The Door Seals Are Filthy

A refrigerator door gasket creates a tight seal in a closed fridge door. It’s this component behind the resistance you feel when you try to open the fridge or freezer door. Its job is to prevent cool air from leaking out of the equipment.

Over time, layers of dirt, grease, pet dander, and even molds can form on the seal’s surfaces. These can reduce the sealing power of the gasket, which can then cause cold air to escape. As a result, your fridge may not cool effectively, or worse, the door may fail to close completely.

So, whenever you clean your fridge, clean the gasket, too, as well as the surface the seal comes into contact with.

5. The Gasket Is Brittle

Cleaning the gasket also helps reveal damages, such as cracks or chips, in the seal.

If your gaskets have broken-off sections, air will keep seeping out of those gaps or holes. In this case, you may want to call a expert in In-Home Refrigerator Repair wilmington nc. This way, they can replace the defective seal with one compatible with your fridge.

Use the Tips in This Guide If Your Refrigerator Isn’t Cooling

Please keep in mind that 48 million folks in the US develop food-borne illnesses each year. You may be at risk, too, if you eat spoiled food.  

So, if your refrigerator isn’t cooling, it’s best to figure out the cause ASAP before you end up with spoiled food. Call a repair expert if cleaning doesn’t help, as you may be dealing with a broken refrigerator. Interested in more nuggets of wisdom on home improvement, health, and wellness? Then please feel free to stay and browse our other informative posts!

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