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Questions to Ask When Looking for Roofing Contractors in Florida

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Would it surprise you to learn that there are over 108,000 roofing companies in the US? In Florida alone, there are over 7,500 roofing companies with more than 31,000 employees.

With so many companies and contractors to choose from, how can you be sure you’re choosing the best one? It’s an important question to ask, especially if your roof has experienced serious damage.

Here are some questions to ask that will lead you to the best roofing contractors in Florida.

1. Are You Fully Licensed and Insured?

Nearly all states (including Florida) require roofers to have a license, but that doesn’t mean everyone complies. Don’t just take their word for it — look up their license to ensure it’s active and in good standing.

The other big concern here is what type of insurance they carry. They probably have insurance that covers their own company, but what about subcontractors or others who work for them? If the company doesn’t have worker’s compensation coverage, you could be held liable for injuries that occur on your property.

Hint: Any reputable company that offers roof installation services will display its license number clearly on its website.

2. Where Is Your Permanent Address?

Storm chasers don’t only exist in the epic film Twister. After a major hurricane or hailstorm rolls through, it’s not uncommon for “roofing contractors” to go door-to-door offering their services.

What’s the problem? Many of these “companies” don’t actually exist — at least not beyond their personal garage or storage unit. It’s all too common for these fly-by-night operators to do poor-quality work in an entire neighborhood and then disappear as soon as the work is done.

To ensure you’re working with an established, reputable company, always check that they have a physical address near your locale (not just a P.O. Box).

3. What’s Your Payment Structure?

It’s common for contractors to request a small deposit to source materials they’ll need for your roofing job. Then they might ask you to pay another percentage when the project is partway done and the balance upon completion.

Whatever system the contractor uses, be sure you understand the fee schedule and feel comfortable with it. Beware of anyone who asks for a large deposit or even the entire amount upfront — this is almost certainly a scam!

You’ll also want to be clear on what your warranty does and does not include and how long it lasts.

4. Who Will Complete the Work?

Finally, you’ll want to know who will actually be completing the work on your roof. Will it be the contractor and their team of employees? Or will they use subcontractors and temporary laborers?

However the company is structured, make sure you feel comfortable with the arrangement. Don’t forget to ask about the qualifications and experience of each worker who will be coming to your home.

Find the Best Roofing Contractors in Florida

The answers to these questions will help you sift the mediocre (or worse) contractors from the best ones. Keep this article handy as you make calls to roofing companies in your locale!

Need to find other types of contractors in Florida too? What about general home repair, landscaping, or decorating advice? We’ve got all that and much more, so stay right here and keep browsing our site.

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