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Window Screen Repair Cost: What You Need to Know

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It’s a calm day with mild weather, and you want nothing more than to open your windows and breathe in the fresh air.

You open the window, only to find a damaged screen! If you’re going to keep your windows open, you need to create a plan for repairing the screen. This starts with determining a budget.

To learn more about window screen repair cost, keep reading!

Window Screen Repair Cost

On average, the cost to repair a window screen can be anywhere from $30-350.

The reason the price can vary so much is that the cost for your window screen repair will depend on a variety of factors. Here’s what you should know about window screen repair cost 2021…

The Level Impacts the Price

Did you know that the level your window is on will impact the repair price?

It’s true, a first-floor window is less expensive to replace or repair than a second or third-story window. This is because additional equipment is needed for windows that aren’t ground-level.

Equipment such as scaffolding, safety harnesses, and ladders are needed for the repair. In addition to the need for more equipment, this job is more dangerous when replacing window screens that are higher up. So, a contractor will charge accordingly.

While a first-floor window screen repair can be around $30-100, a second or third-story repair will be closer to the $200-350 mark.

Material Changes the Cost

There are a variety of materials you can use for your screen.

Each one has its own unique price tag. A few common options are…

  • Fiberglass- Usually available in black or gray, this material is one of the most commonly used and sits on the less expensive end of the spectrum.
  • Solar Screen- While solar screens are great for keeping the home insulated if you live in the right climate, they are a little more expensive than other options. Solar screens can be found in black, gray, and many other colors.
  • Pet Screen- This is another option that leans toward the pricier side. While the price tag is higher, if you have pets who like to be by the window, the pet screen deters scratches.
  • Aluminum- If you have a limited budget, aluminum is another great option for you. Costing a little more than a fiberglass screen, aluminum is still less expensive than a pet or solar screen.

If you want to add a layer of security to your windows, you may want to consider adding a security solution to your screen.

Size Impacts Price

The size of your windows will have an effect on the amount of material you’ll need as well as the labor required.

Even if you choose to repair the window screen yourself, you’ll still need to buy more material if you have large windows all over the house. If a professional installs them for you, they’ll charge higher as they are using more labor.

Are You Ready to Repair Your Window Screens?

A damaged window screen can be hazardous, as bugs or intruders are more likely to be able to get into the home.

If you’re ready to keep your windows open safely, it’s time to start your screen repair. Now that you know the window screen repair cost, check out our other home content!

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