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Top 3 Factors that Affect Water Quality

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Clean water is vital to both the economy and the ecosystem. So, we should value water and use it wisely. Do you know that there are 2.2 billion people around the world who don’t have access to safe water? Clean and safe water is ideally clear and odour-free. Cloudy water with a funny taste may signal the presence of harmful chemicals or pathogens. Several factors affect the quality of water in a locality. The 3 main categories are the source, collection area or environment, and the type of treatment a water supply receives.

Top 3 Factors that Affect Water Quality

Many factors affect water quality. Among the top 3 factors are:

The Source of Water

The area where you live can affect the quality of water in your household and property. You can get drinking water from lakes, reservoirs, rivers, or streams. Water supply coming from the bodies of surface water can be affected by sedimentation. Sands and soils may contaminate the water affecting its cleanliness and safety. The flow may also be affected by rainfall and snow. These forms of precipitation bring debris and dirt that can affect the water quality. A plumber Western Sydney expert can connect your water system to a clean and safe water supply. This is why a property’s plumbing system should follow the policies and standards enforced by your local government unit.

The Collection Area or the Environment

Each lake, reservoir, river, and stream receive water from the environment. This is called the catchment or collection area for a specific body of water. Such an area affects the quality of water because they carry debris, dirt, and sediment to these bodies of water where our supply is coming from. Farms within the catchment areas may stir up animal faeces. Fertilisers and pesticides can also bring harmful chemicals into the water. Manufacturing plants can spill chemical waste if they are near bodies of water. Even people using cleaners, detergents, and petroleum-based chemicals can contribute to contamination of the water supply. A plumber in Western Sydney can help you find ways on how to prevent these things from happening. By putting the right plumbing and sewer system in place within your properties, your household can avoid contributing to contaminating your water supply.

The Type of Water Treatment

The type of water treatment that your water supply received also affects the quality of water. If your water is untreated and flows directly from the surface water source into your property, you’re not guaranteed to get a clean and safe water supply. A plumber in Western Sydney uses many barriers to make sure that you’ll get clean and safe water in your properties.

  • First, they will build a protection system in the catchment. A plumber in Western Sydney may build fences or filter systems to keep the water stock clean and safe.
  • Second, a plumber in Western Sydney may build a treatment plant to remove particles in the water supply. Without a treatment plant, the quality of water you’ll receive in your property may not be clean and safe. If they flow directly from the surface water source to your home, the water may be contaminated. Water treatment separates fine particles and sediments from the water. It results in a clean and safe water supply.
  • Third, a plumber in Western Sydney may add some chlorine or ozone to disinfect the water. This is to kill the microscopic pathogens that cannot be filtered out by water treatment. Another technique uses ultraviolet (UV) exposures to kill the pathogens.
  • The last barrier is the post-treatment of water pipes and tanks. A plumber in Western Sydney sees to it that the system where your water supply flows is also clean and safe. This, they do, through regular cleaning, inspection, and maintenance.
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