Home Cleaning When Should You Repair Or Replace Your Chimney Crown?

When Should You Repair Or Replace Your Chimney Crown?

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Homeowners need to remain conscious of certain areas of their home that need repair. The current state of your chimney crown is an area you should examine. As part of your overall roof system, the area becomes subject to wear and tear due to weather changes. The following suggestions should help you determine whether a chimney crown needs repair or replacement.

Repairing a Chimney Crown

Cracks in the area is a definite sign that you need to consider repairs. Visible cracks provide an indication of damage. It is best to seek out chimney services to apply the necessary fillings. Your overall goal is to prevent water from seeping inside and cause further damage over time.

Flue tile residues provide an indication that your chimney crown needs repairs. Flue tiles usually occur because the flue lining in the crown area becomes subject to wear. Homeowners should observe the bottom of their chimney to determine evidence of flue residue. If such a situation occurs, it is best to call for professional assistance.

Damage in mortar joints also means you need to consider repairs. The typical problem occurs when moisture or water seeps inside. In worse situations, you will see crumbling mortars inside your chimney. Better to ask for professional assistance to determine the extent of damage and identify solutions.

If you notice rust forming in your firebox or damper, then you might need to inspect the chimney crown. It is a typical sign of damage because water starts to seep inside. Additionally, you get to experience the problem because of a crown requires waterproof sealant.

Replacing a Chimney Crown

Damages to the interior of your walls can be a sign that you need to replace your chimney crown. The problem usually occurs near your fireplace as moisture starts to seep inside of the walls. Make sure to call chimney services to diagnose the issue because it can cost you more if left unresolved.

A significant amount of mortar joints should serve as an indication for chimney crown replacement. If you see such a situation occurring in your fireplace, it is best to seek professional assistance. You might risk damaging your whole chimney if you leave it unattended. Steel reinforcement should help strengthen the crown while sealants help prevent moisture from seeping.

Large cracks also mean you need to change your chimney crown. You need to address the matter immediately due to the risk of the whole chimney breaking down. The best possible option is removing everything and starting anew. Professionals would advise using specific weather-resistant materials to prolong its lifespan.

The Bottom Line

Overall, homeowners need to recognize that chimney crowns play an essential part in their overall roofing system. Detecting potential problems early helps minimize damage and get cheaper quotes for repairs. The points above help identify issues you need to check and the time necessary to call a provider for repairs or replacement. Your knowledge about chimney crowns and expert opinions from contractors should assist you in making the best decision.

Whether you need chimney cleaning, chimney repair, or just quick inspection, contact us at JCS Home Services and we’ll be able to help you with any kind of chimney services.


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