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What Is a Knife Gate Valve and What Is It For?

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Many businesses are part of industries that process thick media like pulp and paper. To process these types of media, these industries rely on a special engineering tool.

That’s the knife gate valve.

Having a KG valve available for a media job ensures the health and safety of everyone. Workers use their hands on these types of jobs, so the valve lessens the risk of getting hurt.

The valve is also light in weight and cost-effective, making them more beneficial to the businesses who use them.

Are you wondering what a knife gate valve is? Continue reading to find out how it works, and what it’s for.

What Is a Knife Gate Valve?

The knife gate valve is a unique mechanism used in media jobs to let fluids flow through it. The difference between it and other valves is the gate that lifts up and down instead of turning clockwise.

The KG valve has five main parts that make the mechanism run effectively. Here they are, starting at the gate:

1. Gate

The gate is the main component of the gate valve. It’s responsible for the stop or flow of media fluid or gasses. This part of the valve bears a lot, which is why it’s constructed of stainless steel to prevent corrosion.

2. Body

The body of the valve is also made of stainless steel. It’s the part that usually connects to other equipment via screws, welding, or flanging.

3. Valve Seat

The valve seat is where the gate sits when it’s closed. It’s designed in such a way as to prevent sediments and debris from getting lodged in the valve.

4. Stem

The stem is the threaded shaft of the gate valve. It helps attach the gate to the hand wheel. The threading on the stem helps the gate rise or lower when the wheel gets turned.

5. Hand Wheel

The hand wheel is the major operating component of the gate valve. Turning it opens and lowers the gate. Most modern valves replace the wheel with an electric motor to control the valve remotely.

All five parts must work in tandem for the valve to operate efficiently.

How Does the Gate Valve Work?

The knife gate’s essential function is to pass thick media back and forth without interference. Media like pulp, slurry, and water treatment get chopped up as it passes through the valve.

The valve simplifies a lot of processes for different industries, making it an invaluable resource. This post speaks more about that and other types of valves.

Consider Using the KG Valve

A knife gate valve is a cost-effective tool used for a variety of jobs. Consider using it to actuate your next process.

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