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What does an interior designer do?

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Every environment can be better. Be it a living room, bedroom or an office. This is related to what an interior designer does: making spaces the best they can be. Today, you will learn more about what the interior designer does and understand the main details about this profession.

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The best interior designer plans and designs the most different internal residential, commercial and institutional spaces, distributing the elements thinking about the aesthetics, comfort, health and safety of the users and the functionality of the place. These elements include pieces of furniture, decorative objects and even colors of the walls and floor covering.

What is his importance?

When talking about what an interior designer does, it is necessary to understand that the work is comprehensive. This professional cannot just place the pieces inside a space so that they fit. He needs to think about the personal tastes of those who frequent that place. You must consider the harmony between the objects. You have to optimize the space, especially in more modern buildings, which tend to be smaller. According to the law that regulates what an interior designer does, the main activities performed by this professional are:

  • Study, planning and design of internal environments, following the objectives and needs of the client or user and optimizing to generate comfort, aesthetics, safety and health according to the technical standards of the industry,
  • Planning of permanent or temporary external environments, meeting the legal requirements and regulations for fire safety, environment and health,
  • Selection and precise indication of colors, coatings and finishes that will be used in the project,
  • Creation, design and design of furniture and other decorative and ambience objects,
  • Provision of technical consultancy in Interior Design,
  • Analysis of work proposal,
  • Project conceptualization,
  • Preparation of preliminary studies, preliminary projects and executive projects,
  • Project implementation,
  • Monitoring the execution of the work,
  • Research of products, materials and equipment,

Promotion of consumption

In each of these assignments, the professional performs a series of actions. A good example are the interviews with the client, the evaluation of the budget, the definition of shapes, textures and colors, the development of a schedule, the selection of suppliers and the other actions provided for in the regulation of the profession. Most of the time, the interior designer does not work outside the rooms. However, he has good notions of landscaping, so he can undertake this type of project, if he so wishes. It is important not to confuse designer with decorator. Although decoration is part of the designer’s daily life, he is not limited to it.

Desirable characteristics for the interior designer

What makes an interior designer a good professional is the attention to detail and the conversation with the client. Although he knows what the trends in Design are, he must respect the style of those who are attending. Never forget to hire only the professional interior decoration agency at affordable prices. Remember: cheap is definitely not the option.

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